Jamie's Big Secret Is Finally Revealed On 'Outlander' & It's Shocking

A lot happened in Episode 7 of Outlander titled "Creme de Menthe," but what I am most concerned with is that last bit of dialogue between Jamie and Fergus before they decide to head back to Lallybroch. You know, the part about Jamie being married to another woman. So who is Jamie's other wife on Outlander? Well, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she's going to cause some big problems coming up. And honestly, Jamie is only making it worse by not telling Claire right away.

Hints that Jamie was not being totally forthcoming with Claire started popping up in Episode 6 pretty much as the two started talking. Though Jamie shared almost everything else, including the fact that he has a son and moonlights as both a smuggler and a traitor, there was one thing he seemed to be holding back. He hinted at this when he first saw Fergus in the street, and again later when Claire asked him what he was hiding and he demurred. In Episode 7, Fergus mentioned Claire causing a "catastrophe" to Young Ian, while Adult Ian asked Jamie why he hadn't told Claire about... something yet. Finally the mystery came to light in the last moments when Fergus asked Jamie "what about your other wife?" What indeed, Jamie? Warning: book spoilers ahead!

If the series plans on following the books (which I think it will), then Jamie will have married Laoghaire during his time apart from Claire. Perhaps he would have had an easier time explaining his second marriage to Claire if it had been with someone else. After all, Claire has insisted that she knew Jamie would have had a life without her. She was a little annoyed but generally understanding when Jamie explained that yes, he had slept with other women but that he'd never fallen in love. Considering that wife number two is Laoghaire, though, perhaps it makes sense that Jamie's a little hesitant to reveal this bit of news.

In case you've forgotten, Laoghaire is the girl first introduced in Season 1 with the crush on Jamie that just would not quit. Laoghaire believed so intently that she and Jamie were meant to be together, she actually convinced herself that Claire had bewitched him. So, out of jealousy, Laoghaire then set Claire up to be arrested and executed for witchcraft. This was a pretty crafty move, and Claire was almost convicted and burned at the stake. It is pretty reasonable, therefore, that she is not Claire's favorite person. And the fact that Jamie married her, of all the women in Scotland, is quite a blow.

Obviously, Claire and Jamie are meant to be together and nothing, not even blonde, possessive, would-be-murderers can truly keep them apart. But it would be a little unrealistic if there weren't some stumbling blocks to their happily ever after, especially considering that whole 20 years apart thing. It turns out that the thing that comes closest to driving Claire back to the 20th century isn't a lack of indoor plumbing or even awkward family dynamics. It's little Laoghaire who's the biggest threat to Claire and Jamie. I know. I kind of want to scream too.

Based on my extensive book knowledge, I would guess that luckily she will probably only be around for one episode before the action can move along. Of course, introducing her into the plot — even if she doesn't stick around very long — is going to cause all sorts of problems, and eventually send our heroes out on a treasure hunt that gets complicated really fast. So yes, it's annoying that Laoghaire is Jamie's "other wife" but would you really want to watch Jamie and Claire just be lovey dovey all the time? Neither would I.

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