Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jason Dent May Be A Serious Competitor In 'BB19'

Summer's the best time of year, and not just because I can drink on rooftops. It's also because some of the best reality television is now on the air, and Big Brother is back to fill the void I have been experiencing all winter. Viewers can expect for very unique characters to be in the house, and a prime example for Big Brother 19 is Jason Dent. There are already some odd professions in the house this year, like a cosplay artist, but Jason's may take the cake: rodeo clown. Who is Jason Dent from Big Brother 19? He may have a funny job, but he seems like a serious competitor.

Jason, a 37-year-old Iowa native, seems well versed in the way the game is played. In an interview with ET Canada he broke down the lengths he'd go through in order to win the $500,000 grand prize. He's married with a 2-year-old son, but asked his wife (of 14 years) if she'd be OK "if a showmance came into play." As expected, Jason's wife vetoed the idea, but Jason mused on what would happen if "500,000 bucks is riding on a showmance." This goes to show he's willing to play dirty if he has to. This fits with his biography on the CBS site, where he said his life motto is literally "YOLO."

Jason's not known as just any ol' rodeo clown (because there are millions out there, right?). He's actually received some recognition for his work, where his stage name is "Whistle-Nut." According to NBC Montana, Jason made the Montana High School Rodeo State Finals in 2015 with his bull Ole. That summer, the pair booked over 40 events together — so Jason really loves being a rodeo clown. He even started an Instagram account dedicated to Whistle-Nut and Ole, where he often shares performance photos.

In addition to talking about his rodeo career, Jason also mentioned in his CBS biography that he has a strategy for winning the game. His fun fact was, surprisingly, not about rodeo either. "I'm a storyteller extraordinaire," he said. "My stories are true, very handy, very creative, and infectious." Perhaps his performing nature and his storytelling will lend well to the competition and push him ahead. Until viewers see Jason in action, though, they can just imagine how this literal clown will fare in the Big Brother house.