Jason Duggar Might Be 'Counting On's Next Star — Here's Why

Ever since Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar introduced fans to their ever-expanding family, fans have been mesmerized. Not only by the sheer number of children they're raising, but how they do it. As you might know, the Duggars are an extremely conservative family with strict rules on things like birth control, homeschooling, modest clothing, courtships, physical contact before marriage, women working outside of the home, and more. Through the years, fans have watched Michelle and Jim Bob's older children navigate courting, engagement, marriage, and starting families of their own. Meanwhile, many of the younger — and lesser-known — siblings have low-key entered adulthood. So, with a new Duggar sibling on fans' radars, you might be wondering who exactly Jason Duggar is. Well, it seems like Counting On may be getting another star.

To start, let's establish which Duggar we're actually talking about here — because to be completely honest, I tend to get lost in that long line of consecutive boys sandwiched in between the Duggar daughters. Jason is Michelle and Jim Bob's 12th child and seventh son, if you're going by birth order. (And if you don't believe me, take a look at the old 19 Kids & Counting intro, a handy reference.) Radar Online reported that Jason celebrated his 18th birthday on April 21. The milestone might have plenty of fans wondering if Jason will be making more appearances on Counting On, since he's the newest eligible bachelor of the family.

Let's go back to where it all begin. We first met Jason on 14 Children and Pregnant Again, which was a TV movie that aired on the Discovery Health Channel back in 2004.

We saw him again two years later, on 16 Children and Moving In.

After that, the name of the Duggars' show changed as Michelle and Jim Bob kept adding to their family — 17, 18, all the way up to 19 Kids & Counting.

One of the most notable Jason Duggar scenes that I can remember dates back to the 19 Kids & Counting Days when he suffered a scary accident in 2011. As Hollywood Life reported, Jason fell 12 feet down into an orchestra pit while at an Orlando theater. The poor, little guy ended up breaking his front teeth, fracturing his jaw, spraining his knee, and needing stitches on his face. If you're not the squeamish type, I invite you to check out the TLC footage from the accident, below.

Although Jason hasn't had a ton of face time yet on TLC's Counting On, he has made a few appearances. In the 2016 video, below, he shares produce tips with his older sister, Jana.

As far as what Jason is up to these days, it looks like he's doing pretty well for an 18-year-old. In Touch Weekly reported in 2017 that Jason already owns a house. (Something I'm confident most young men his age can't say.) In January 2017, the Duggar Family Blog revealed Jim Bob cosigned on a fixer-upper for Jason. And from the looks of it, the $33,000, 2,000-square-foot structure was in need of a great deal of work at the time. Since the Duggars are well-known for fixing up commercial and residential properties to rent out, I have little doubt that Jason will be able to successfully flip it — and make his mark in the Duggar real estate dynasty.

Since this news was reported, Jason has low-key appeared in social media posts by various family members — since Duggars aren't permitted to have social media accounts until they're engaged or married. (He's in the red shirt, below.)

And here's Jason alongside his brother, Josiah, in a picture shared on Instagram by the Duggar family.

Apparently, Jason enjoys making videos — and he even aspires to become a videographer one day, In Touch Weekly reported.

Although Jason remains somewhat of a mystery to Counting On fans, I have a feeling we'll start seeing more of him now that he's 18 — whether it's footage of him flipping houses, exploring his options in videography, or maybe even entering into a courtship one day soon.

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