Who Is Jen Bush On 'There Goes The Motherhood'? This Single Mom Is Living It Up

by Kathleen Walsh

Bravo's latest reality series, There Goes the Motherhood, premieres on Wednesday, April 20, and introduces us to six women who meet at one of renowned parenting expert Jill Spivack's parenting classes, held at Sleepy Planet Parenting in Los Angeles. Jill teaches the women techniques for helping their children to sleep, but that is not all. In these mom groups, nothing is off limits for discussion, and the women talk about sex, breastfeeding, divorce, nap-time, and so much more. More than just offering parenting techniques, the courses offer a way for women to find "sisterhood in motherhood," which can often feel lonely and exhausting. It can be particularly lonely and difficult for single moms, such as Jen Bush, who is raising her son alone. So who is Jen Bush on There Goes the Motherhood?

Before her son was born, Jen was a stylist and writer focused on music, fashion, and beauty. She put her career on hold when he was born to become a stay-at-home-mom and wife. Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned, and when her marriage came crashing down, Jen was left to pick up the pieces with her son, Rivers, and create a new life for the two of them.

Here is what we know about Jen so far.

The Main Man In Her Life Is Her Son

Jen shared this cute picture of herself and her little man on her birthday on Instagram. "The best bday date ever!" she captioned the photo.

She Treats Herself

This photo of a box from luxury lingerie company Agent Provocateur shows that Jen isn't afraid to strut her stuff, even, or perhaps especially, if it's just for herself.

She Has A Great Relationship With Her Family

She shared this adorable picture of her dad, Bob Bush, and son Rivers on "grandfather day" at school. The only thing that would make this picture even more adorable is if Grandpa had worn a cape and mask, too.

She Has Shared Her Great Style With Her Son

From her amazing beaded blue shoes to Rivers' — let's call it avant-garde styling — the duo are clearly on their way to becoming the fashion world's most beloved power couple.

Jen must be getting used to sharing some intimate details of her life as a "professional mom." Her blog, Dating With Diapers, describes her adventures in dating while practicing attachment parenting. I can't wait to see what other interesting tidbits she's about to dish up!