Who *Is* Jinger Duggar's Husband, Jeremy Vuolo?

by Korey Lane

Watching families live their everyday lives on television is somewhat addicting, it seems. Whether it be the Kardashians, one of the Real Housewives, or the Duggars, it's extremely entertaining. Especially when viewers get to know the details of the individuals romantic lives. So, when it comes to the Duggars, who is Jeremy Vuolo? Jinger Duggar's husband has led a pretty interesting life thus far.

The couple, who will celebrate their one year wedding anniversary on Nov. 5, also have a pretty amazing love story as well, with Jeremy's life being pretty full of adventure before even meeting his wife. Of course, now the happily married couple gets to experience plenty of adventure together, but 30-year-old Jeremy has certainly accomplished a lot at such a young age. Believe it or not, Jeremy was actually a professional soccer player for several years, playing for the New York Red Bulls before transferring to the San Antonio Scorpions in 2013, according to The Hollywood Gossip. But that's not all — Jeremy decided to pursue ministry in 2013 as well, and now he works as a pastor full-time in Laredo, Texas, the website noted.

All in all, though, Jeremy's career change is pretty extraordinary, considering that if he hadn't moved to San Antonio and entered into the ministry, he probably wouldn't be married to Jinger, and his life would be vastly different.

According to the couple's blog, Jeremy met his wife totally through her sister, Jessa, and Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald. "I met Ben and Jessa Seewald through an interesting happenstance," he wrote, explaining that Ben and Jessa were in San Antonio, and were looking for something to do when one of their friends suggested a fellowship Jeremy was hosting. From there, Jeremy and Ben started getting pretty close:

It wasn’t long before we developed a friendship and two and a half months later I made a trip to visit Ben and Jess and it was then that I met Jinger and the rest of the family.

From there, Jeremy and Jinger grew closer and spent more time together until they announced their courtship on June 21, 2016, and were engaged soon after, on July 26, 2016.

Although Jeremy is currently a pastor, his life wasn't always so squeaky clean. According to a report from In Touch Weekly, he was allegedly arrested in 2008, "for harassing a police officer." Of course, that was almost 10 years ago, and Jeremy's explanation of the incident seems to be pretty understandable. In a statement, according to the magazine, he said:

I was part of the college party scene and was living foolishly. I’m not perfect, but I sought out accountability and I now see great victory in my life.

Back in 2016, Jeremy had a pretty awkward conversation with Jim Bob Duggar on TLC's Counting On. According to Us Weekly, Jeremy and his then-fiance, Jinger, were talking to the head of the Duggar family when the topic of personal finance came up, and Jeremy was put on the spot. According to Us Weekly, speaking to Jeremy, Jim Bob said:

Jeremy, being on the kind of modest pastor salary, when you get married, it's going to be a lot tighter, going from being a single guy to being a married guy, whenever that happens — I'm not saying anytime soon. But Jinger loves to go thrift shopping, and it's expensive. I was just curious about, financially and stuff … I mean, you might have to have a part-time job, along with the pastor [gig], to make a go of it.

It's unclear if Jeremy ever got a second job after his conversation with his wife's father, but now that he's a regular on Counting On, he's likely receiving some sort of cut from those appearances as well. And of course, money isn't everything. What matters is that Jeremy and Jinger are happy together, and it seems like they are.

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