Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Who Is Jill Spivack On 'There Goes The Motherhood'? This Expert Is Popular For A Reason

by Kathleen Walsh

Bravo is known for it's addicting, over-the-top and binge-worthy reality shows, the most famous being the Real Housewives franchise. On April 20, the network is premiering a new reality series, There Goes the Motherhood, which follows six moms who meet at the coveted and highly selective eight-week parenting course run by Jill Spivack. In the class, the women discuss everything from breastfeeding, to sexting with their husbands, to raising children in a materialistic world. The teaser trailer shows Jill offering the women practical advice on child-rearing, as well as moderating more general discussions about issues anyone with kids can relate to. So who is Jill Spivack on There Goes the Motherhood? She is apparently brilliant when it comes to parenting wisdom. It turns out that her credentials are seriously impressive.

Jill first started down the path to becoming a parenting guru by earning her Master's Degree from the University of Southern California, and then completing a postgraduate fellowship at Cedars Sinai Medical Center’s Early Childhood Department as a psychotherapist. So basically, she knows her stuff. She's had a long, and illustrious career as a parenting expert, and has been lauded as an authority on all things parenting since long before Bravo came around. In 1999, she co-founded the pediatric sleep firm, Childsleep, and then a few years later she founded Sleepy Planet Parenting in Los Angeles with Jennifer Waldburger. She says she was inspired to start Sleepy Planet by her own parenting struggles, when she couldn't get her kids to sleep. Her book, co-written with Waldburger, The Sleepeasy Solution, has become an indispensable resource for Hollywood and mere mortal parents alike. She has offered expert advice on parenting blogs such as 'Kids in the House,' and even weighed in on The Rich Kids of Instagram.

And her mom groups at Sleepy Planet Parenting in Los Angeles are basically legend. On her website, Jill states that "mom groups" are essential for mothers. They create a safe space where women with children can talk about their kids, yes, but also about themselves, creating a sisterhood that people without children just can't understand. She states:

Drawing on our graduate work in child development and family systems as well as our years of experience in working with tens of thousands of families, we help moms find their own truths about motherhood, their own intuition and parenting style. We help connect them to the choices and decisions that feel best to them, for each mom is the only true expert on her own child and family. And perhaps most of all, we remind her that moms need each other – to lend an ear, bounce an idea, laugh or cry, celebrate or vent. Without the sisterhood in motherhood, we are all lost.

She hopes that airing the exclusive class on Bravo will let all mothers in on the group, reminding them that they're not so alone. I can't wait to see what she has to offer!