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Who Is Jordan Fisher? The 'Rent: Live' Star Is Mega-Talented

For some of us musical theater super-fans, no day is like the day that a new version of Rent will air live on Fox — Jan. 27. The musical features a fresh-faced cast taking on the classic story of a group of 20-somethings eking out an existence in New York's East Village in the mid '90s. With the announcement of who will play a key role, however, fans may be wondering, who is Jordan Fisher?

The actor, who is playing the musical's smart-aleck, Mark, according to Playbill, is one familiar face to those parents who've watched kids' television over the years.

While Fisher, 24, is a totally-known figure in the Disney-verse, where he's been in Teen Beach Movie and Liv and Maddie (that's why I know him — there was a whole year in my house with this show all.the.time.), the star has a diverse resume including singing, dancing, gymnastics, acting, and playing all of six instruments, according to Good Housekeeping.

In 2016, this multi-hyphenate was added to the cast of the Broadway version of Hamilton and the same year, did a similar live-TV stint with the small-screen version of Grease, the magazine added.

From there, Fisher made his way onto Dancing with the Stars, where he got his perhaps his most exposure yet as the Season 25 winner in November, 2017, as the Washington Post reported .

You might also recognize this all-around talented guy from hosting Dancing With the Stars: Juniors along with Frankie Muniz last fall, ET Online confirmed.

"It's the same feeling of sitting down and watching people compete in something that they've never done before," Fisher told ET Online before the launch, which, like its grown-up version, paired experienced, younger dancers with kids who never danced before.

The performer's clearly on a hot streak, but his path hasn't always been so smooth. Fisher's mom was still a teen when she had him, and struggled with substance abuse, according to PopSugar, leading to Fisher being raised by his maternal grandparents.

The Fishers encouraged Jordan's musical talent and he grew up in Alabama, taking theatre and music lessons, PopSugar added. Fisher posts his appreciation of "mom" and "pops" frequently on social media.

According to People, the actor has a longtime girlfriend, Ellie Woods, who also grew up in Alabama and appears frequently on his Instagram account.

Interestingly enough, Fisher posted on Instagram that Rent has always been part of his plan: "Fourteen years ago I sat at a dinner with a mentor of mine and a bunch of other friends," he wrote in October. "Mentor said let’s talk about manifestation. I want SPECIFIC dreams from each of you. It was my turn. I said 'I want to be the first Mark Cohen of color in Rent.' It was the show that made me want to pursue this industry. Then it closed on broadway... Here we are now. See y’all Jan 27th 😊"

This gives me chills. Now that this up-and-comer is getting to do his dream, which also happens to be my all-time favorite musical, it would be interesting to know how his nerves are as the cast rehearses.

As Playbill reported, though, he's in good hands, co-starring with Vanessa Hudgens and Brandon Victor Dixon, also from Hamilton, and Nashville's Brennin Hunt.

The magazine also reported that famed director Michael Greif, who staged the original Rent, will oversee stage direction, while Alex Rudzinski from Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert and Grease: Live will be the live television director.

Superstar exec producer Marc Platt (La La Land) is also on board to pull off this epic musical in a way where it's exciting to watch right as it is happening.

I'm crazy-exciting to see this one, and with a cast and crew like this, if you're at all a fan of musicals, you should be too.

Rent: Live airs Jan. 27 on Fox; check local listings for times.