Sonja Flemming/CBS

'BB19's Josh Martinez Will Be A Big Personality

Big Brother returns to CBS this summer for Season 19 and its 16 named houseguests already have their strategies in place for how to win the grand prize once they enter the house. Among the houseguests with the more, uh, ruthless methods is Josh Martinez, who explicitly plans to "lie, cheat, and manipulate" his way to victory, according to his Big Brother bio. Solid plan, dude. So who is Josh Martinez from Big Brother 19? The 23-year-old is poised to be one of the most energetic people in the house.

He's a hair care salesperson from Miami, Florida, and he credits his hometown and Cuban background with his in-your-face persona (though it could just be a good old-fashioned combination of extroversion and overt confidence). It's clear from Josh's pre-show interview that he's super hyped about being in the house — he can barely stay in his seat and he can't stop cursing. But he also promises to keep his "positive energy" going once he's on the inside, which is curious, considering the fact that his bio states:

I have a huge strategy to playing the game and it's simple: lie, cheat, and manipulate. Lie and deceive all these meatballs (aka losers) into doing what I want as I win comps and make them think we're best friends.

He's a towering physical presence, so Josh will definitely have an edge on the physical challenges. But his ideas about being able to win people over with his good vibes seems pretty at odds with his actual personality as revealed in his bio. People tend to have a pretty good read on when someone secretly thinks they're loser-meatballs. (Which like, what did meatballs ever do to this guy?!) Plus, we know from previous seasons that over-the-top, loud personalities like Josh's tend to rub people the wrong way right off the bat. These people have to live together 24/7 sans contact with the outside world; they're generally pretty eager to evict houseguests who drive them up the wall right away, rather than torture themselves for untold weeks.

But Josh is confident that his motivation for winning — investing in growing his business and taking care of his family — will fuel him to the end. He's super proud of his business management degree and burgeoning career, but he also knows that he'll need someone who can ground him to be his ally in the house.

You can catch the premiere of Big Brother 19 on Wednesday, June 28 on CBS.