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Kendall From 'The Bachelor' Has A Twin Sister & Her Name Proves They Need A Reality Show

by Kathleen Walsh

In my daily Bachelor contestant stalking (erm, research), I occasionally come across a contestant's family members or friends that spark my interest and Kendall Long is no exception to that rule — particularly because she has a twin sister. So who is Kendall's twin sister on The Bachelor? This contestant, it turns out, has something in common with the Kardashians. I know, I'm a little surprised at the connection as well. It turns out that Kendall has a twin sister named, get this, Kylie. But these two are Kendall and Kylie Long, not Jenner. Also they're a few years older than the Jenners, so they are technically the original Kendall and Kylie.

Unfortunately, Kendall's sister Kylie has not agreed to be a part of a popular reality show, and appears to be a lot more private than her sister. Unlike Kendall, Kylie's Instagram is set to private, and it's been hard, if not downright impossible, to find any of her other social media accounts since even when Kendall mentions her sister, she does not tag her social accounts. I can only imagine that this is out of respect to her sister's privacy which is obviously lovely and kind, but still a little frustrating for those of us trying to pry into the details of her life. I was, however, able to learn a little bit more about Kendall, though.

For one thing, it's clear that Kendall and her sister have a great relationship. Though she doesn't tag her, Kendall posts sweet messages about her sister in her captions like this one which reads, "Happy happy Birthday to my lady love! Kylie, you are such a kind beautiful soul and growing up together with you by my side has been one of the most amazing adventures!"

Speaking of adventures, from the looks of Kendall's Instagram, the two of them spent some time over the summer of 2017 traipsing adorably around Spain together.

The two sisters are "adventure partners in crime," which is pretty cute. But despite all the time they spend together, Kendall and Kylie obviously each live their own lives. Kendall herself is a freelance creative director and set dresser living in Los Angeles, though it's not totally clear whether her sister lives close by or not. But if you're ready for more Kardashian koincidences, according to Kendall's LinkedIn, she actually worked as a set dresser for the Kardashian's 10 Year Anniversary special. I wonder if she mentioned the coincidence to any of the Kardashians themselves.

You've probably noticed Kendall on the show playing her ukulele and performing songs for Arie, which are completely charming and somehow never really veer into being annoying. Well it turns out Kendall has a whole YouTube channel of these videos, wherein you can check out her music and her own sweet personality for yourself. She even wrote a song specifically for Arie on The Bachelor and, of course, it is as cute as can be.

Some other women on the show might be pulling ahead with Arie, like Becca K., Tia, and Lauren B., but I have to admit that I officially have something of a soft spot for Kendall. She manages to be a little offbeat and really interesting while still being likable and even-keeled. I'm not the star of this show so I don't get to make the decisions, but if I was Arie, I'd pick Kendall all the way. In fact, Kendall, let's just be friends. I totally won't get freaked out by any of the questions in your question book.

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