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Krystal May Not Be On 'The Bachelor' Anymore But Fans Are Still Interested In Her Love Life

After six long weeks Krystal has finally been eliminated as a contender for Arie's heart on The Bachelor, but I hardly think her romantic life is at an end. So who is Krystal dating now after The Bachelor? Her social media doesn't reveal who her main squeeze is at the moment, or even if there is a main squeeze, but that sure as heck doesn't mean that I'm going to stop sleuthing to figure it out. If there's one thing we've all learned from Krystal over the past month and a half, it's that she's not one to give up easily.

Bachelor fans all over the world know that every season there is an official "villain" who's solemn duty it is to make everyone in the house and watching at home hate her with an unreasonably fervent passion. This year, that job fell to Krystal, a California-based fitness coach prone to repeating every 15 minutes or so how all women are just jealous of her and how she and Arie are meant to be and nobody is on her level. She also occasionally talked about glitter. I have a feeling that Krystal's personality isn't quite this abrasive in real life, but I couldn't tell you for sure.

In any case, after weeks of insisting that she and Arie had connected on a far deeper level than any of the other women had (she did get to go to his hometown and meet his family on her first one-on-one), Krystal was finally eliminated. Her downfall came after she made the fatal error of bad-mouthing Kendall on their two-on-one date. So now that she's officially back on the market, does she already have a new bae? If she does, she's not saying anything on her Instagram account. And she hasn't given any interviews lately or spoken publicly, so this is all I have to go on.

From the looks of things, Krystal is pretty private about her dating and personal life, at least on her Instagram account. Her page is mostly devoted to fitness, green juices, and yoga pants. If you were going only by what she posted on Instagram, you'd be forgiven for believing that Krystal has no actual life outside of working out. But as she's a fitness coach, her Instagram is probably a major source of marketing for her. So this actually makes a lot of sense.

If you go on a truly deep dive into her account, you'll notice that Krystal apparently had a boyfriend way back in 2013/2014, but I don't expect everyone to have the kind of stamina it takes to get through five years of a person's Instagram posts. Since then, Krystal hasn't posted much even with her friends. So even if she was dating someone, I'd be surprised if she posted anything about it in such a public way. Even though she's on this reality show, maybe Krystal is slightly more private than you might believe.

What she has posted, however, is her response to being eliminated from Arie's season of The Bachelor.

"NO ONE can steal my sparkle," she captioned this photo on an appropriately glittery set of stairs in Paris, France. Whatever you might think of her personally, I will say this for Krystal. She's not afraid to show her confidence and I think that, at least, is worth celebrating somewhat. I just wish she hadn't spent so much time dragging the other women down while she was on the show.

Since I don't see any info on a current boyfriend on her social media, I guess I'll just have to trust that she'll find love at some time. Maybe on Bachelor in Paradise.

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