Who Is Lauren B.'s Dad On 'The Bachelor'? She Clearly Adores Him

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Lauren B. was lucky enough to score the first solo date, connecting with Ben during a romantic plane ride over scenic Los Angeles, and sharing thoughts about the first man who earned her heart, her dad. So who is Lauren B.'s dad?

So far, we know that Lauren B. is a Southern California-based flight attendant (making her first date all the more ironic) who originally hails from Oregon. Though according to Lauren B.'s Bachelor bio, she is happiest when she's in the sun, it seems she misses her family back from her home state.

When she sat down to dinner with Ben toward the end of their one-on-one date, Lauren started the conversation talking about how much her father loves boasting about his lawn. And once Ben asked her more about her father, Lauren instantly lit up, talking about how much she truly adores her dad.

This likely scored major points with Ben: Being an only child, Ben has talked about how important his parents are to him on my occasions. At the beginning of the season, Ben also made sure to talk to his parents about his potential future wife, confiding in them about the Bachelor process.

One look at Lauren B.'s Instagram, and it becomes obvious how important her family is to her, too. Though her father's name isn't mentioned, she isn't shy about posting pictures of her parents together, and how she finds their their 27-year long marriage to be an inspiration for her own future partnership (with Ben, maybe?).

There's definitely a father-daughter resemblance, no?

After getting the rose at the end of the date, it's safe to say, Lauren B. made a big impression on Ben. It's nice to know she did that in part through sharing her genuine respect and clear affection for the first man in her life.

Images: ABC; Lauren_Bushnell/Instagram