Who Is Leida’s Sister On 90 Day Fiance? The Sibling Has *A Lot* Of Opinions

It's not uncommon for a 90 Day Fiancé star's sibling to make a big impression on fans, whether it be due to their strong opinions or doubts about the K-1 visa process. A cast member who knows this dilemma all too well is Leida, who doesn't see eye-to-eye with her sister, Reina. And if you're curious about who Leida's sister is on 90 Day Fiancé, you're in luck.

Leida, a young woman from Indonesia, has a noticeable age gap of 10 years with her American fiancé, Eric. Although most couples can look past a decade, the two don't have much in common. Leida, for instance, comes from a high luxury lifestyle, while Eric has a middle-class background.

Oh, and did I mention Eric proposed two days after they met in person? Yep, this situation has 90 Day Fiancé drama written all over it.

But luckily for lovestruck Leida, her older sister, Reina, tagged along with her to the United States to check the situation out. And by the looks of it, Reina wasn't too impressed with anything.

"I am quite concerned how well they know each other," Reina said during a confessional. "And Ledia is easy to get irritated, and she becomes really awful person. And she's annoying, basically."

Reina isn't one to mince her words, is she?

Reina also made it a point to tell Eric that he's under surveillance, saying:

The reason why I come here and my family is also coming here, we just want to see how your world is. Where you live. Where you work. We don’t really have, like higher expectation, but we would like to be honest with each other.

Hmm, perhaps Reina has a future in the FBI...

If Eric isn't up to Reina's standards, she'll bring Leida and her nephew, Alessandro, back home to Indonesia. She told cameras:

Eric has to prove to me and my family that he really, uh, is the right person. Because otherwise there’s no way that we’re going to allow her and Alessandro to stay and, uh, live in this country.

As for fan reactions to Reina? Opinions are mixed.

"Listen to your sister! She speaks honestly from her heart," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"Nothing like sisterly love to call you out for being 'annoying,'" someone else argued. "Come on, Reina...don’t ALL women get irritated easily?! I do."

"I think your sister just called you an annoying brat," a commenter joked.

One person tweeted:

Going on record here: I love Reina! Sister tells it like it is and can see right through the dumpster fire that's whatshisname. Plus, I love that she's calling her sister out for being a princess. #90DayFiance.

There's a good chance Eric was up to Reina's standards because it appears Leida is still engaged.

"A small and simple engagement celebration in Japan," she captioned an Oct. 11 Instagram post. "Thank you Musashi No Mori Coffee Shop, your fluffy pancake is the best! No wonder I’m getting fat 😂." Cute.

Editor's Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Of course, Reina just wants what's best for her sister. Although she might not go about it the best way (has Reina ever heard of the term sandwiching?), it's obvious her heart is in the right place.