This Teen Mom On 'Unexpected' Is Sharing Her Life-Changing Story

The world simply can't get enough of cautionary teen pregnancy tales it seems. Enter TLC's new show that follows three teenaged girls, their boyfriends, and their families as they become teen mothers. And each has a different story to tell. So who is Lexus on Unexpected? This particular teen mom is sharing her story with the world and she wants the world to see what her life is really like now that she has a baby. From the looks of things, it's not an easy situation, but Lexus and her family make it work.

Lexus' story opens on the show at the end of her pregnancy. Her bio on the TLC website for the show reads:

Lexus, 15, is 38-weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl with boyfriend Shayden. Lexus's mom Kelsey is about to be a 31 year-old grandmother, and remains doubtful the teen couple is prepared for the huge responsibility of parenthood.

Like the other girls on the show, Lilly and McKayla, Lexus' mom Kelsey was also a teen mom as was her grandmother as well. But on the show, Lexus says that she doesn't consider it to be "a bad thing."

The show follows Lexus as she gives birth to her daughter, Scarlett, with her boyfriend, Shayden, as well as the difficult first few weeks of their baby girl's life. In an interview with Us Weekly, Lexus talked about her relationship with her mom, how Unexpected is different from MTV's Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant, and what her life looks like now that she has a daughter of her own to look after. In the interview she said she thought that Unexpected is more "real" than any of the other shows. She also said that while her mother was initially unsupportive of her pregnancy — Kelsey has said she never wanted this for her daughter — it's been a much easier experience since she got on board.

Lexus also described to the outlet what her life is like with her daughter and her boyfriend. While she is still in school, 17-year-old Shayden works full time. "On weekends, he gets to come over after work and stay the night on Friday and Saturday," she explained. "We have a pretty boring life, we just sit at home and don’t really do much. But we expected it. We knew we’d have to stay home with Scarlett and not be able to do what we wanted to do. I guess we have a normal relationship for teenage parents."

A quick scroll through Lexus' social media accounts show that aside from having a child, she's a pretty normal teenage girl. On her Instagram account she posts plenty of silly selfies, adorable couples snapshots with Shayden, and of course lots of photos of her baby daughter, who's now about seven months old. Her Twitter account is filled with retweets of inspirational quotes and the occasional baby animal video because, let's face it, babies of any species are adorable.

While teen pregnancy can certainly come with its fair share of obstacles, it's really nice to see Lexus make the best of it. She may not be able to go out as much as she'd like to or do a lot of other "normal" teen things, but it at least looks like she's always looking on the bright side any situation. With the support of her family and the love of her daughter, I'm sure this teenage mother will grow up to be just fine.

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