Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Why Liz Is The One To Watch On 'The Bachelor'

There have been seasons where past contestants have shown up to surprise the Bachelor or Bachelorette and to even stick around for the remainder of the season, putting themselves back in the running, but this is a doozy. When Nick Viall greets each of the women competing for his love at the start of Season 21 of The Bachelor, he's likely to be shocked by the sight of Liz Sandoz. But who is Liz on The Bachelor? The contestant actually has a past with our man of the hour, albeit short and fleeting, but a past all the same.

Apparently, Liz was maid of honor in the wedding of Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding, an event that was televised and which Nick attended as well. According to Wetpaint.com, the two hit it off and ended up having a quick fling before parting ways and never hearing from each other again. So is this Liz's attempt at reconnecting with Nick in a shocking way that makes it almost impossible for him to turn her down right away? Or, is it a genius ploy by the producers to create some drama early on, since you know the other women will not like this past connection considering it could put her at an advantage? Honestly, it might be a little of both.

But Liz on The Bachelor will likely be able to hold her own. Aside from her former interaction with Nick, we know that she is a doula, a self-proclaimed "adventure seeker," and a travel blogger. She's also part of the Project Future Light team, which works to raise money for rebuilding an orphanage in Thailand. Her lifestyle blog, A Romanced Life, details her travels and also claims that she is a "creativity and life purpose coach, who finds joy in helping people bring awareness to their everyday lives." She's going to have to be able to channel all kinds of that zen attitude in a house full of catty women all going for the same adorable man.

According to her blog and social media, Liz is all about loving herself and sending that love out to others, so maybe having her in the house will be a breath of fresh air for everyone. But regardless, it's going to be interesting to watch Liz and Nick's past on The Bachelor unfold as the two come face to face again and may have different accounts of what happened between them.

This is Nick's fourth chance to find love via Bachelor Nation, and it's Liz's second chance at finding something with him, so if anyone would be sensitive to her plight, it's going to be Nick.