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Who Is Lyanna Mormont? She Is An Adorable Badass

On Game of Thrones, Jon and Sansa are on the search for great houses in Westeros that will support their bid for Winterfell because their forces are so thin in comparison to the Boltons'. One of their first stops is Bear Island, the seat of House Mormont, where they meet the (very young) lady in charge of it all. Who is Lyanna Mormont? She's just about the tiniest, most intense badass I've seen since Arya Stark herself.

There's definitely a moment of surprise when it's revealed that the person ruling over Bear Island is a little girl – but what's even more surprising is the fact that she seems to rule with an iron fist. Sassy, strong-willed, and with a take-no-prisoners attitude, Lyanna Mormont is unfazed by any attempts Jon or Sansa made to endear themselves to her with small talk. She has people to look after! She has ruling to do! She is going to make Jon and Sansa work for her support; she isn't going to give up her men without being more than convinced that it is a beneficial decision for her. Luckily, Davos is there to lend a helping hand in convincing the hardcore Lady Lyanna.

Lyanna Mormont's namesake is none other than the late Lyanna Stark, and it seems like the name imparts a serious cool factor onto its recipients. Lyanna Mormont came to control Bear Island after the death of her mother, a fierce warrior who the little girl clearly aims to emulate. Jorah, currently Dany's right hand man, had been Lord of Bear Island until he was disgraced, and now Lady Lyanna is the only Mormont left to do the job.

It's hard not to be impressed with tiny Lady Lyanna even though she only has one scene in the episode. The character is pretty fantastic on her own, and the actress delivers a fantastic performance: fierce and unpretentious, she demands what she wants and blazes through any attempt to get on her good side with flattery. She respects the centuries-long bond between the Mormonts and the Starks, but she's wary of pledging allegiance – and with good reason. She is in a precarious position as such a young ruler with huge responsibilities, and she can't act rashly.

Davos seems to be the only one able to understand that, and he uses it to get through to Lyanna. He convinces her that the coming war would affect everyone, including her. He's able to win her allegiance and bring Jon and Sansa one step closer to trying to reunite the North.

The downside? The coolest little lady in the North only has sixty-two men to lend. Well... it's a start.