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Get To Know Margaret Josephs' Husband Before 'RHONJ' Returns

There's a new cast member among the Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 8, although her presence is sort of being overshadowed by the return of RHONJ OG Danielle Staub as a "Friend of the Housewives." Margaret Josephs, a 50-year-old entrepreneur with a multi-million lifestyle brand and a line called The Macbeth Collection, joins the cast this season as the self-styled "powerhouse in pigtails." She has a 21-year old son and three older step-children with her ex-husband Jan Josephs, but who is Margaret Josephs' husband "Super Joe"? She gushingly calls her second marriage "the love of her life."

Joseph Benigno is a motorcycle aficionado, a third generation plumber, and, as it says on his wife's website, "a contractor to the stars (but mostly Margaret)." The pair bought a house together several years ago, which they renovated themselves with Joe at the helm, like so many New Jersey Housewives before her. Margaret and Super Joe eloped in 2013 in a Vegas wedding, but don't go thinking Margaret is a low-key Housewife. In the trailer for Season 8, we see her throwing herself a massive birthday party, complete with a grand entrance on a chair being carried by several muscular dudes. (Joe does not appear to be among them.)

For what it's worth, Margaret follows the seeming trend of amicable divorces shared by several of the other Housewives. Perhaps it's because, when she entered her first marriage at the age of 24, she inherited three step-kids right off the bat. In an interview with Jacque Reid, Margaret billed herself as being in her "second marriage as a second wife," and positioned herself as something of an expert in navigating life as wife number two. Her sagest step-parenting advice? "Don’t try and replace their mother," she said in the interview. "You have to just try and co-parent and be really patient. You don’t want to compete whatsoever. You’re never going to be top dog."

All of Margaret and Super Joe's kids are now adults and so the couple is full-on empty nesting. But don't write them off as homebodies. In fact, in a swift departure from everything that New Jersey Housewives represent, Margaret and Joe went to Burning Man together this past summer. He posted photos of them on their way to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada on his Instagram — a highlight amidst a sea of plumbing posts. (I'm not sure if Plumber Instagram is a thing, but if it is, Joe's branding is definitely on point.)

A photo posted earlier in the year shows Joe buying Margaret glamping gear for Mother's Day, so perhaps their Burning Man camp was less dusty than you're imagining. But it's still an impressively hip destination for a cast whose number one vacation requirement is "resort must have spa."

Super Joe isn't featured in the Season 8 trailer, but he seems to be too big a personality to ignore. Presumably, he'll be heavily featured as a Real Househusband, and he has plenty in common with some of the other guys. Joe Gorga is also a contractor, as was Teresa's husband, who obviously won't be taking part in this season while he serves out his 41-month prison sentence for committing fraud.

Viewers do see a feud brewing between Margaret and Siggy in the trailer, although I can't yet tell what the cause is. Naturally, the season's biggest storyline is the will-they-or-won't-they blowup between Teresa and Danielle. (Spoiler alert: they will.) Given Melissa Gorga's friendship with Teresa's old nemesis, it reignites their family feud, too. I'm guessing Margaret and Joe are forced to take sides at some point, but you'll have to stay tuned to see where their loyalties lie.

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