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Baby Sussex's Sweet Name Is Starting His Own Tradition In The Royal Family

The newest royal baby officially has a name. On Wednesday, May 8, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that their son is named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. So, who exactly is Meghan Markle's baby named after? The royal family is all about keeping the family's history and legacy alive, especially through names, so how does the name Archie fit in with all of that?

Markle and Prince Harry's baby's name is a bit untraditional, just like Markle and Prince Harry themselves. The couple announced in a super sweet Instagram post that they're not giving their son any official title, and officially giving him Prince Harry's last name. Needless to say, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is going to have a big life ahead of him, regardless of whether or not he is a prince or duke or has some big fancy title.

But of course, people are dying to know where the name "Archie" comes from, especially since it feels a little out of left field. Names like James, Arthur, Alexander, and Spencer were at the top of the betting lists in the United Kingdom, according to The Telegraph, and Archie definitely wasn't on any of them.

But, as it turns out, the name does have a connection to the royal family, just not in the way that people would expect.

There have not been any King Archies in the history of the royal family, but it has been reported that one of the smallest royals likes to call himself that name. In January, a dog walker reportedly came across Prince George and his grandma on a walk, according to The Cut. When Prince George was talking to the photographer, he reportedly said "I'm called Archie," according to The Cut. But it doesn't sound like anyone has heard him call himself this name since. It's possible that Prince George could have just been using his child like imagination when introducing himself to this person — because there's no way that Markle and Prince Harry would ever steal Prince George's nickname, right?

But, it's also just as possible that the Sussexes just loved the name Archie Harrison. As previously stated, Markle and Prince Harry are not the most traditional royal couple by any means — they've broken royal protocol, forgone traditions, and showed everyone how strong their love is. So, it makes sense for them to break tradition and pick a royal baby name that is so true to themselves.

Those names have a beautiful meaning to them. Archie has English origins (just like the royal family) and means "genuine and bold", according to Harper's Bazaar. Harrison, on the other hand, means "Harry's son." Markle is so incredibly genuine — she's earnest, sweet, and the real deal. Not to mention, she's incredibly bold, especially since it takes a very bold person to move across the pond for the person they love. This name not only represents their baby, but it quite literally encompasses the couple themselves.

Based on this name's lovely meaning, it's easy to assume why the couple would want to forgo tradition and name their child something that is so true to them. By naming their baby Archie, they're proving that they don't have to name their baby after anyone. But, if they did name him after Prince George, that would be pretty cute, too.