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Who Is Negan On 'The Walking Dead'? 5 Things To Know About The Show's Newest Character

After two months of heartache and anxiety, The Walking Dead's mid-season finale left viewers with. . . well. . . more heartache and anxiety. And the biggest question on fans' minds is not whether Glenn and Maggie will reunite or if Rick's gore-covered crew will make it to the armory. Rather, people are wondering who is Negan and what will this new character bring to the AMC series.

If you turned off your TV as soon as the screen went black, you may actually be wondering why people are asking about this non-existent character. But those who waited through the first five minutes of AMC's Into the Badlands were gifted with a two-minute promo for The Walking Dead's February 14 mid-season premier.

In the clip, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are driving a big rig towards Alexandria, when they are stopped by a group of bikers. And, much to this viewer's dismay, they were not old pals of Daryl's. Rather, they are The Saviors, a group led by Negan — a name only fans of The Walking Dead comic books would know. The leader demands the group turn over their weapons, truck, and any other possessions (even emphasizing porn, because that's still a hot commodity during the apocalypse.) Because these items no longer belong to Daryl & Co — they belong to Negan.

So who is this face-less figure demanding every pistol and porn magazine in the post-apocolyptic world? Here are five things to know about The Walking Dead's newest villain before the show returns in February.


He's Strong, Smart, & Not To Be F*cked With

In September, The Walking Dead producers put out a casting call for a character named Orin, who fans deduced was code for Negan. They specified they were looking for a "physically imposing" male "sociopath that is both a leader of men and a killer of men." The description continued, noting the character has "practical and emotional intelligence" and "a temper that can vaporize people." Basically, this guy makes The Governor look like a puppy dog, and isn't someone you want to face with the most skilled army.


He Has A Sense Of Humor

Negan's one redeeming quality is his ability to make you laugh (probably before he rips you to shreds.) Readers of the comic books note that he frequently pulls out the one-liners. As an example, in one of the novels he tells a fellow character, "you got no guts," before stabbing them in the stomach. While literally tearing the person apart, he proceeds to say, "oh how embarrassing! There they are." He won't be selling out Madison Square Garden any time soon, but hey, you gotta give they guy credit.


His Weapon Of Choice Is Terrifying

Michonne has her katana. Daryl has his cross bow. Negan has a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Oh, and it's named Lucille (and she loves the taste of blood.)


He Lives By A Certain Code

Despite his sociopathic ways, Negan still abides by a set of rules. Granted, they aren't the 10 Commandments (one includes putting a hot iron to the face of those who do wrong — even members of his own group), but it keeps the Saviors in check when Lucille can't.


He's Played By Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Earlier this month, it was announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would play Negan. Most recently appearing on The Good Wife, Morgan's resume includes arcs on Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, and Supernatural. Oh, and he's married to One Tree Hill's Hilarie Burton. Here's hoping seeing her husband as The Walking Dead's "biggest bad guy," doesn't scare her away.

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