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Who Is Nyle DiMarco's Twin Brother? The Two Are Close, But Very Different

by Kathleen Walsh

When Nyle DiMarco brought his twin brother to visit him at the dance studio on Dancing With the Stars, audiences would have expected another dark complexioned, dark haired, broody stunner like Nyle. But Nico, however, has lighter skin and brilliantly red hair. The two don't even look related, much less like two people who shared a womb. So who is Nyle DiMarco's twin? The two are very different, but very close.

Like Nyle, their parents, grandparents, and third brother, Neal, Nico — Nyle's brother — was born deaf. But a talent for defying expectations runs in the family. While Nyle proves week after week that lacking the ability to hear the music does not mean that you cannot dance, his brother Nico, perhaps even more extraordinarily, has a career as a successful DJ. In fact, according to Nyle, Nico is the real music lover of the family, and if any of them were to be expected to become a dancer, it would have been him. Apparently, Nico tried to teach Nyle to dance when they were children, but to no avail. But maybe it's those early dance lessons that are helping give Nyle a leg up. Currently, he is a Dancing with the Stars front-runner, and a favorite to win. On switch-up week, Nyle earned an incredible 37 points out of 40, with a score of 10 from Len.

So with a little digging, what else can we learn about Nico DiMarco (the one on the right of the photo below)?

On his Facebook, Nico posted a video of himself dancing at what appears to be a wedding. His rhythm and moves in the video are dang near perfect, leading one commenter to ask what you might be wondering. "Can you hear music?" Nico responded, "I am deaf but I grew up by listening to music. I'm able to hear a little bit but I'm not able to speak or hear anyone speaking to me."

Apparently everyone in the DiMarco family is ridiculously good-looking. Here are Nico and Nyle with their older brother Neal, and their adorable mom.

Like his brothers, Nico attended Gallaudet University, a private university for the deaf. He's an active member of the alumni along with his brother Nyle, and sometimes DJs for special events there to encourage people to apply.

They may not look alike, but the DiMarco brothers are clearly extremely close.