Tommy Garcia/Bravo

There's A New Member Joining The 'RHOC' Cast

by Kathleen Walsh

Another day, another new Real Housewife. But who is Peggy Sulahian on The Real Housewives of Orange County? She's the newest woman to join the cast of the original Housewives franchise, and officially the 100th Real Housewife. Something tells me she's going to get along just fine with the rest of the ladies. Maybe she'll even get the OG Queen Bee Vicki Gunvalson on her side, the way that last year's newbie Kelly Dodd managed to do. But whether she's here to make friends or start trouble, fans can be pretty sure it will be highly entertaining to watch.

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County is definitely going to shake a few things up. Sadly, Heather "Fancy Pants" Dubrow is no longer part of the cast, but viewers will still be seeing plenty of familiar faces. Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, Meghan (and her new daughter), and Kelly Dodd will all be returning. Bravo has also decided to resurrect Lydia McLaughlin (remember her?) from the Bravo Graveyard of Departed Housewives. And the word on the street is that it is Lydia who's going to introduce Peggy to the rest of the group. So obviously I have been scouring the woman's social media pages to find out anything and everything there is to know about her. Such as...

She Loves Cars

Specifically, she loves really, really fast and flashy cars. She loves the kind of cars that would probably make Vicki shriek in terror/elation, and I'm really crossing my fingers for some sort of Thelma & Louise moment from them. Her love of wheels may also have something to do with the fact that her husband owns a high-end designer wheel and rim company called WTW Corporation.

She Is Extremely Casual

And by casual, I mean, she casually hangs out with Justin Bieber while wearing some fierce as hell hoop earrings and glasses that really aren't fooling anyone.

I'm assuming this is Peggy's version of a "relaxed, daytime look."

She Has Three Kids

As you can see, they are all gorgeous and stylish and basically giving all of us #FamilyPictureGoals which is something I just made up after seeing this Instagram post.

She Loves Good Food

Peggy is not afraid to take pictures of her food, which is currently making me salivate at my computer a little bit.

Peggy also lost her mother to breast cancer at age 51, which is why she elected to undergo a double mastectomy after her doctor found a lump. I have a feeling that this will be a cause Peggy is going to use her newfound platform to promote, which I heartily approve of. But whether Peggy decides to be serious and important or frivolous and fun, I cannot wait to see what the other women make of her.