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Ramona's Ex Mario Meets Her New Date On 'RHONY'

In the trailer for "Caught Between an Ex and a Hard Place," Ramona Singer was shown chatting with her ex-husband Mario while very much on a date with someone new. Lately, Ramona's M.O. on The Real Housewives of New York has been to fit as many dates as she can into any given evening (she double-books!). But this takes multitasking to a new level, especially when Mario and the new guy, Kevin, meet. So who is Ramona's date Kevin on RHONY?

Bravo provided a short clip from the episode on their website in which Kevin is described simply as "Ramona's date" and "Rum Guy." Though that sounds vaguer than vague, the connection to rum could actually be a useful clue. Searching the name Kevin in conjunction with rum brings up quite a few results, though most of them seem unrelated to Ramona's date. However, the search does turn up one guy who might be the fella on Ramona's arm in Season 11 of RHONY. Kevin Richards, the CEO of Well Black Spirits, bears a resemblance to Ramona's party date, and they share a penchant for similar eyewear. But it's difficult to know for sure without outside confirmation. Just because two people look alike and have something to do with rum doesn't mean they're the same person.

The CEO of Well Black Spirits is located in Miami, which also tracks; Ramona and the other women have been enjoying another disaster of a getaway in Florida, so she could have easily met up with him there. And while her Kevin may have been dubbed "Rum Guy" because he prefers rum cocktails or gin rummy or because he does a killer Jack Sparrow impersonation (who can say where the nickname sprang from?), it would make sense if his sobriquet had something to do with his job. I'm not sure that evidence would hold up in court, but there's still a chance the two Kevins are one and the same.

Neither CEO Kevin nor Ramona's Kevin appear to have a social media presence, which makes untangling this tale of doppelgängers a little trickier. It also doesn't look like Ramona is still seeing anyone named Kevin, because she's still single. Her social media is free from gentleman callers and she hasn't made any public announcements about a new relationship. Ramona has been happily dating up a storm in Season 11, but hasn't become publicly exclusive with anyone. Sorry, Rum Guy.

The clip from "Caught Between an Ex and a Hard Place" doesn't offer any more identifiers for Kevin, because once Mario shows up, he slinks away as quickly as possible. Ramona introduces the two men and they shake hands, but once she and Mario start talking about Avery, Kevin is out of there. He informs Dorinda that he's going to see if there's coffee and she gives him the go-ahead; Ramona doesn't even pause in her conversation as he steps away. But perhaps it was for the best, because moments later Sonja stops by to announce Ramona's make-out with Harry Dubin. You got out just in time, Rum Guy.

Ramona's new date may be difficult to pin down, but at least he knows how to steer clear of the drama.