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Everything You Need To Know About Reagan Charleston From 'Southern Charm New Orleans'

One of my favorite Bravo shows Southern Charm, is getting yet another spin-off series, this time in the Big Easy itself. So naturally, I wanted to know more about the unnaturally beautiful cast, starting with Reagan Charleston. So who is Reagan Charleston on Southern Charm New Orleans? Well from just a little cursory searching, I've discovered that she is #Goals in pretty much every sense of the word. I mean, just look at her hair.

But more than having perfect, shiny, bouncy curls, Reagan appears to be extremely accomplished with a fancy Southern pedigree to boot. In her Bravo bio it says that her family has deep roots in New Orleans history with strong ties to the famous city's history and culture. The bio even claims that her family is "even credited with the creation of the renowned cocktail, the Sazerac, the official drink of Louisiana." That is quite a legacy to live up to, but from the looks of things Reagan is doing just fine. I decided to do a deep dive into her social media and websites to find out everything that I could about her. And let me tell you, she is just as impressive in real life as it appears.

She's A Law Student

Like Craig from the OG Southern Charm, Reagan studied to become a lawyer. Unlike Craig, Reagan appears to be taking her future career in law very seriously. She is now an executive law clerk in the Office of the Louisiana General, according to her LinkedIn page.

She's A Jewelry Designer

Also like Craig, Reagan has a creative and crafty side. And she's managed to turn this into a profitable business making some truly gorgeous jewelry. The pieces on her website tend to be slightly oversized featuring things like lion heads, medusas, and starry designs. All things I would 100 percent wear. The site states, "Reagan Charleston is a third generation artist whose design aesthetic embodies strength and sophistication in bold and timeless forms."

She Grew Up Around Artists

Reagan credits growing up around her grandparent's art gallery in New Orleans' famous French quarter with inspiring her artistic side and her jewelry. "The jewelry she began to create at that time was inspired by her family’s creative history," her website states.

She's Married To An NFL Star

Unlike many of the people on the original Southern Charm, Reagan isn't looking for love because she's already found it. Reagan is married to Jeff Charleston, who also appears on the show. Jeff is a former defensive end for the New Orleans Saints with one Super Bowl title under his belt. But now that his football days are behind him, Jeff has to find a way to move forward.

She Loves Her Sister

The one person who pops up on Reagan's Instagram perhaps more than her husband Jeff is her sister. Reagan and her sis obviously have a great relationship — even when Reagan occasionally posts pictures of her sister with her mud mask still on her face.

Her Style Is On Point

Whatever Reagan happens to be doing at the moment, she always looks like the fire emoji at the same time. Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy for her to come to my closet and help style me every day. Do you think she'd be up for that?

Though she seems to have literally everything figured out right now, what with her (two) careers, her attractive husband, and her fantastic collection of accessories, Reagan's Bravo bio hints that all of these things have begun to weigh on her. Apparently she's feeling the pressure of keeping all of these different parts moving at the same time, so I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles it.

Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Sunday, April 15 on Bravo. Don't miss it!