Salt Bae Will Spice Up Your Life

If you found yourself reading this headline shaking your head and wondering who Salt Bae is — rest easy. You've seen him already all over your social media feeds. It's the guy in the tight white shirt sprinkling salt from up high with so much swag it hurts. Your friends have likely taken the image written something like, "me, dropping my kids off at grandma's for the long weekend," or "me, sprinkling IDGAF dust on my haters," or something equally as ridiculous. Like most memes, when the caption is good, it's the best silent chuckle you'll have all day — and when they're bad, they're really, really bad. But for some reason, Salt Bae sort of defies this rule. They just keep getting better and better.

Salt Bae is most definitely already a contender for best meme of the year — nay, ever — and in these dark, dark times, we need him. The meme actually comes from a video of Turkish celeb chef Nusret Gökçe cutting up a steak in quite possibly the most sensual way (it's an experience) ever and then dropping salt like it's a mic as a final touch.

Lest you think this is a one-off thing, this is actually what Gökçe does, like, in life. Much like Guy Fieri is known for going to Flavor Town, sensual steak slicing is what Gökçe is best known for. This particular video was just one of the latest installments. It was only uploaded last week and has already broken the internet.

You Have To Watch The Whole Thing

Not only is his final sprinkle now a meme, Salt Bae has many other accomplishments: there are copycats, some killer street art, and Ben Affleck even has a Salt Bae t-shirt. Seriously, what better sign that you've made it in life than Ben Affleck rocking a screen print of you salting meat? Nothing. You can take your Academy Award, your Grammy, even Chrissy Teigen retweeting your Twitter jokes (is that just my measure of success?) and never make it as much as Salt Bae has made it.

You have to see all of the videos to really understand how much Salt Bae loves his meat.

You See That Wrist Action?

Dead Or Alive

He's a Pro

And Just With A Bunch of Meat

There's something sexual about all of this right? And the fact that he's so serious about everything — there is no smiling when it comes to Salt Bae — only makes it funnier. There's actually a petition for a Salt Bae emoji which I can enthusiastically get behind.

Just imagine being able to be that extra when you tell your co-parent that it's their turn to chaperone your 7-year-old's field trip to the zoo or telling that bad Tinder date where they can go. It would be glorious, right?

Find you someone who treats you as tenderly as Salt Bae treats a steak. And seriously, someone find me a link to Ben Affleck's t-shirt because I need it now.