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Teddi Jo Mellencamp's Husband Is A Devoted Father

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is officially back on Bravo and it is bringing on a new star to compensate for the tragic loss of Eileen Davidson. (Say what you will about her, but that lady had principles.) So now that there is a new woman to contend with, I obviously have to learn everything about her, including the people close to her. So who is Teddi Jo Mellencamp's husband? Edwin Arroyave is apparently killing it career-wise, and it also helps that he happens to be really, really ridiculously good-looking.

The husbands on The Real Housewives are often a wildcard. The best of them, like Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio, are consistently present but never intrusive. Mauricio is ever-present, consistently polite and friendly to everyone around him, and never gets too involved in the drama surrounding the other wives. At the same time you had better believe that he will back Kyle up 100 percent if she needs his support. Some of the less-savory husbands include Dorit Kemsley's husband P.K., who last season was the cause of "panty-gate," one of the most tiresome, stupid, and straight-up creepy fights ever to happen on this show. Husbands take note: if you notice a woman is not wearing underwear, politely avert your eyes and definitely do not make gross jokes about "liking the view." And then drop it. So what kind of husband will Edwin be? Let's see what I can find out about him.

Despite being married to the daughter of rock music icon John Cougar Mellencamp, there's not a ton of information readily available about Edwin. Is it possible that this suggests he's not looking to be famous? It could, but it's really too early to tell. I won't be able to say much until I can see for myself how deeply he gets involved in the Housewife storylines coming up. The information I do have, however, suggests that he is a doting husband and father and a very successful businessman. This gives me hope that he is more of a Mauricio type of guy.

Edwin is the founder and CEO of Skyline Security Management which was incorporated in 2004. The company is a home security system provider with the stated goal of bringing safety and security, including remote security systems, to homes across the country. And so far their reach is pretty extensive. According to the company's website, they are licensed in 30 states across the United States. Their security systems also include smart features like the ability to turn off your lights remotely or adjust the temperature. So basically, don't try and break into this fancy couple's house.

But what's most interesting (to me, anyway) about Edwin is how adorably devoted he appears to be to his family. He and Teddi have a shared Instagram account (in addition to Teddi's personal account), which shows the two of them and their three children in various states of cuteness. The photos show the couple having fun at a baseball game, sharing an ice cream sandwich with their tiny son, going for pony rides, and even hanging out with Real Housewives veteran Kyle, dressed to the nines for one of her infamous themed parties.

I really hope that this party is shown on the show because I'm going to need more of all of this — particularly Edwin's wild, low-cut shirt. Wowza.

Unfortunately, this is about all the information I've been able to gather about Edwin Arroyave so far. That means that until the show starts airing, he's going to remain something of an unknown entity. Get ready, folks.

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