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Who Is Teddy Carver On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Mary Drake Revealed A Huge Story

Mary Drake is shady, but maybe she isn't as shady as we initially thought. On Tuesday's episode, Mary Drake revealed how she was placed in Radley when she was younger, and the story was both revealing, and possibly not true. The story involved her, her sister Jessica, and Teddy Carver, a little boy that died when the twins were young. Mary Drake's story certainly had an angled blame, but did Jessica DiLaurentis actually kill Teddy on Pretty Little Liars?

I wouldn't be so quick to take sides in this story. Both Jessica and Mary had secrets, and it wouldn't be surprising to find out if there's three sides to this story: Jessica, Mary, and the truth. But, according to Mary, Jessica is the one to blame for the little boy's death. So what exactly happened?

According to Mary, she relieved Jessica of babysitting when the girls were 14 years old. Jessica didn't want to deal with a sick 10-month-old baby, Teddy, so she called Mary to come and help her with him. When Mary got there, Teddy was asleep upstairs, so Jessica left and Mary stayed behind. Covering for her sister only lasted so long when the Carver parents came home. To their horror, Teddy was dead, despite Jessica assuring everyone that he was alive when she left the house. People believed Jessica over Mary, since Jessica was the "warm" one, and Mary landed herself in Radley, since her parents thought that it was safer than prison.

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But is this the truth? It's kind of hard to believe it to be true since Mary Drake isn't the most reliable person. Then again, maybe it's 100 percent true. Or, maybe Mary Drake is really Jessica DiLaurentis and this is all fake and we shouldn't believe anything.

If it is true, it will be a good way for Alison to identify with Mary. Then again, Mary was helping Rollins in the Season 6 finale. So, that means we can't trust her, right?