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Who Is The Adam Warren Imposter On 'The Family'? The Boy Is Not Who He Says He Is

Part of the mystery on The Family has started to unravel when Sunday's episode revealed that the boy claiming to be Adam Warren is not Adam Warren — at least by paternity test standards. After a handful of episodes wondering if the boy wandering around the Warren house was the real Adam on The Family, we finally have our answer. And, according to the series creator, there are no take-backs (if this was the fourth grade playground, there would be very serious ramifications for going against such a promise). This decision is sticking and we're going to see how this reveal affects the rest of the show in the coming episodes.

The main question we all had in the premiere of the series was if Adam Warren was really the real Adam Warren. Was he just awkward and out of tune when it came to interacting in social settings, or was this an imposter who wasn't the real Adam at all? If the latter was the case, why was he pretending to be Adam Warren?

On Sunday's episode, we learned that Adam Warren is in fact not Adam Warren. The reporter did a paternity test and the results revealed that it wasn't him. So, we know for a fact that this boy in the Warren house is not really the Adam he is claiming to be. So, who is he?

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I'm wondering if Fake Adam, as I'll so generously call him for the rest of time, even knows he is an imposter or if there is some type of psychological post-traumatic stress thing that has caused him to identify with the news of Adam Warren's disappearance and latch on to it, claiming it as his own. It's bizarre, but so is having an imposter return as your possibly-dead son. Fake Adam could think he is Adam Warren, not knowing he has landed himself in a family's home that is not really his.

But, that leaves one big question — where is the real Adam? I worry that if he's been gone this many years he could be dead. Does Fake Adam know this? Did Fake Adam have something to do with Adam Warren's disappearance and death? That's an extremely long con, if so.

This new revelation also leaves us wondering who is behind the real Adam abduction. Doug has been sending him post cards — because this guy is terrifying — so does Doug know that he's not the real Adam? Perhaps Doug killed the real Adam and is taunting Fake Adam because he knows the secret.

We'll have to wait and see what the reveal means to the Warren family (and Fake Adam). But, it seems this show is just getting started in exploring the repercussions of Fake Adam's presence.