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Kai Encounters A Major Betrayal In His Ranks On 'AHS: Cult'

It’s down to the wire on American Horror Story and as such, everything is starting to unravel. Thank goodness, too, because I’m ready to see Kai get taken down by his laundry list of enemies (as opposed to what’s happened so far this season, which is him putting on a clown mask and killing people he hates). Not only that, but the call is coming from inside the house. There's someone snitching on Kai's actions — so who is the mole on AHS: Cult? A person in his ranks is out to destroy him. Granted, there's probably a few people out there, but this one is actually making it happen. As of late, Kai hasn’t been able to convince all of his followers that he’s a supreme being.

Honestly, partway through the season I️ thought that Kai had his followers wrapped around his finger. There are, of course, those who he does have pegged — they’re mostly the white male crowd who gladly drank his Kool-Aid. When Beverly joined the cult, I️ was also convinced she was in it for the long haul, but she’s proven herself impervious to at least some of his bullsh*t. Actually, all of the cult women were pretty much tired of Kai by the end of the last episode, “Drink the Kool-Aid.” This is because after they banded together to kill Harrison, Kai ordered them to stay on the sidelines and cook biscuits at Ivy’s restaurant. Little did they know that Harrison’s death was all part of his plan, orchestrated along with Bebe (former follower/lover of Valerie Solanas, a real-life person who the American Horror Story universe depicted as both a cult reader and the Zodiac killer).

As it turns out, Kai wasn't truly the one in charge... Bebe was (well, at least at first). She's taken some of Solanas' misandrist teachings and brought them into the 21st century. This was revealed in the beginning of this episode, "Charles (Manson) in Charge," when Kai swore his allegiance to her (and also said Solanas-esque insults about himself). However, Kai started thinking for himself. He incited female rage like Bebe wanted him to, but he didn't believe the SCUM manifesto.

One of the women Kai incited rage from was his own sister, Winter. Not only did Kai take away any power she had when she entered the cult, but he also killed their brother, Dr. Rudy Vincent. It was pretty obvious she was getting frustrated, too — so much so that Kai called her out for it. "Why do I feel you slipping away from me," he said. Winter responded that, "When I look at you now, all I fear is terror." She denied being the mole, though... and it turns out that she wasn't lying. Kai killed Winter because he didn't believe her, and she wouldn't confess. Once again, Kai has no idea what he's talking about (he also believes Oz is his child, so he's not really one to go to for accurate information).

Not only is Winter not the mole, but it isn't a woman at all. Nope: Speedwagon is the mole. I know what viewers may be thinking: who the hell is Speedwagon? He's one of the cronies Kai assembled, and he was actually the loudest of the bunch. Now, the audience knows he's just putting on appearances. In the final few seconds of Tuesday's episode, he's seen destroying his microphone (after Kai killed Winter for supposedly being the snitch). Only problem for him is, Ally caught him in the act. There's only one episode left of the season, so it's likely that Speedwagon won't survive — but viewers will know for sure next week.

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