Meet The Fascinating Family Behind TLC's 'Welcome To Plathville'

The religious family behind TLC's new reality show, Welcome to Plathville, doesn't drink soda or watch TV, they live on a rural 55-acre farm in rural Georgia, and aren't familiar with pop culture figures like Spiderman or Tom Brady. Fascinating, right? But who exactly are the Plaths? There is a lot to unwrap, so buckle up for a deep dive into TLC's newest, interesting family.

The Plath family is comprised of two parents, Barry and Kim Plath, and their nine children, who all have bright blonde hair. And they've all been homeschooled on their family farm. After watching only the trailer for Welcome to Plathville, you can get an idea that the family values education, religion, and playing gospel music. In the trailer, Kim explains that their kids have limited access to technology, don't play video games, and don't have a TV in their home.

Although their lifestyle might seem outlandish to many, it appears to work for the Plaths. And now that the first season of Welcome to Plathville is airing on Tuesdays, here's a brief introduction to each family member.

Barry & Kim Plath

Barry and Kim Plath have been married for over 20 years after only dating each other for a few months, and they cite God for bringing them together. Kim was a music major at Florida State University before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor that sees clients out of her home. Barry, on the other hand, is a Transportation Planner and has worked in the same firm for years.

The couple still puts Kim's knowledge of music to good use; they play music alongside their nine kids in their own band, The Plath Family Band.

Ethan & Olivia Plath

Ethan, 21, is the oldest Plath child, and recently got married to Olivia, his high school sweetheart who's a destination wedding photographer and was also homeschooled, just like her husband. The couple lives 15 minutes away from Ethan's family farm, which gives them some more freedom to eat sugar, watch movies, and drink soda. Olivia was the first person to introduce her husband to soda, movies, and TV shows, like Friends (Chandler is his favorite character). She was also the first person to bring him to a basketball game and take him to the movie theater.

In addition to playing music in his family's band, Ethan also has a love for classic cars.

Hosanna Plath & Timothy Nobel

At 20 years old, Hosanna is the oldest Plath daughter and is an incredibly talented musician who can play multiple instruments. "Hosanna has developed an incredible ear for harmony," Kim told Quiverfull Documentary in May 2017. In the documentary, Kim revealed that Hosanna is skilled in cooking, doing the laundry, and has "40 pen pals" that she keeps in touch with. "It's kind of the joke in the family, Hosanna's 'almost perfect'," Kim said.

Hosanna recently got married to her husband, pianist Timothy Nobel, in June 2019 after meeting him at a gospel music convention in 2016. The couple now tours together playing their instruments and live in Ohio when they're not, which is why people might not see her as much as her siblings on Welcome To Plathville. You can get a taste for their talent by watching one of their performances on YouTube.

Micah Plath

Micah, 18, is described as a talented gardener by Kim and Barry who is "good at everything green." Micah also has a knack for making money — he was able to sell the crops he harvested in his garden for money to buy himself a mandolin, according to Quiverfull Documentary.

In addition to gardening, raising livestock, and playing the mandolin, Micah also appears to enjoy working out.

Moriah Plath

Moriah is Kim and Barry's teenage daughter who is described as "opinionated" by Barry. On the show, Moriah is seen having different views from her family and loves the idea of having her freedom. "She's wired differently," Barry explained in an episode.

Moriah is the lead singer in the Plath family band and seems to really enjoy getting to travel.

Lydia Plath

Lydia Plath, 15, has called herself "the more responsible one" in her family, and loves doing chores around the farm. Although she has said that she "isn't sure" what she likes to do for fun, Lydia is a very talented banjo player, Kim and Barry told Quiverfull Documentary, and brings a lot of joy to the Plath family household.

Issac Plath

Isaac, 13, is the youngest Plath son. He plays the guitar in the Plath family band, and loves airplanes, Barry told Quiverfull Documentary. Isaac also likes sports, according to the trailer for the show, but doesn't know who Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, is.

Amber, Cassia, & Mercy Plath

The three youngest Plath daughters — Amber, 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy, 6 — love living on the farm and each have their own interests. Amber loves doing math "more than eating cake" and plays the fiddle in the family band, according to Kim.

It's easy to tell Cassia apart from her siblings; she is the only Plath who regularly wears glasses after she had an "eye accident" in 2014, Kim told Quiverfull Documentary. Like her siblings, Cassia is musically inclined and sings in the family band.

Youngest sibling, Mercy, was named after God gave Kim "Mercy" during her pregnancy, and loves to sing, just like her older sisters.

You can learn more about this interesting family on Tuesdays, when Welcome To Plathville airs on TLC.