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Who Is The Real Butcher On 'AHS: Roanoke'? She Had Quite The Introduction

Bashing in heads has been quite the thing in television this week. First, The Walking Dead bashed in quite a few heads, and now, Ryan Murphy had his go at the whole head-bashing thing, too. On Wednesday, we met one of the most important characters in AHS: Roanoke, the real butcher. But who is the real butcher on AHS: Roanoke? Honestly, I think the less we know about this terrifying character, the better.

On Episode 7 of AHS: Roanoke, Kathy Bates' character — Agnes — kind of lost it. That honestly is putting it gently, since she murdered the entire staff/crew of the Return To Roanoke: 3 Days In Hell (including Cheyenne Jackson — so long, Sidney!). She seemed to be completely overcome by the character she played on the docu-series that she basically became the butcher. Except, there's one small issue with that... The real butcher is out there, and she probably has something to say about someone playing her part in killing people who return to the Roanoke settlement.

Actually, from what we've seen, she's a woman of few words, but a woman of little subtly. (Read this as, she took her cleaver and sliced it right down the middle of Agnes' head, and it was not a cute look, by any means.)

So, who is the real butcher? We didn't get a good look at who it was, but in the perfect world I think we can all agree that it would be the one, the only Ms. Jessica Lange. (For what it is worth, Jessica Lange has said quite a few times that she would not be returning to AHS, but fans know that they really can't trust anyone on this show, can they? See: Matt's betrayal of Shelby on Wednesday's episode.)

We're bound to find out who the real butcher is once the day comes and the lighting on the show is a little more... in favor of fans actually seeing what is on their screen (this. show. is. so. dark. in. so. many. ways.). Whether this is an actor in Ryan Murphy's repertoire that we already know, or someone completely new, there is no doubt we'll be in for a shock come next week's episode (or the season finale, since we should know by now that answers are sparse on this show).