The Rubber Man Returns On 'AHS: Apocalypse'

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 2 saw the return of the Rubber Man, one of the show's most memorable antagonists from Season 1. Clad in black latex and known for lurking on ceilings, the Rubber Man reappeared for a hookup with Evan Peters that ultimately ended in tragedy (which is pretty on brand for him). But while the Rubber Man's identity was revealed in Season 1, it's not clear whether it's the same character in Season 8. So who is the Rubber Man on AHS: Apocalypse?

The Rubber Man is one of the most iconic figures from AHS, because he was featured so heavily in the advertising for Season 1 and his true identity ended up being such a shock. He was a silent, shadowy figure for much of Murder House until he took off his mask and fans found out it was Tate Langdon under there all that time. Now that the Rubber Man is back for Apocalypse, the most obvious answer is that it's still Tate. That would mean Evan Peters had sex with Evan Peters on AHS, but the only shocking thing about that is that it took until Season 8 for it to happen.

However, AHS rarely goes for the obvious answer and there are a few other possibilities when it comes to the new Rubber Man's identity.

Peters' Season 8 character Mr. Gallant is the one who has the tryst with Rubber Man, and he believes Michael Langdon is in the suit. Langdon recently arrived in Outpost 3 as an agent of the Cooperative. He was prepared to bring certain survivors into a much safer bunker than the one they're currently in and was testing them to find out who was worthy. But when Gallant references their time together, Langdon insists that it wasn't him and he wouldn't sleep with Gallant if he was the last man on Earth.

However, the Rubber Man is connected to Langdon all the same because Tate is Langdon's biological father (so Evan Peters might have had sex with Evan Peters while fantasizing about the son of Evan Peters). The Rubber Man only showed up when Langdon did, and appears to do his bidding. He spies on Emily and Timothy when they're in Langdon's room. He lures Mr. Gallant into killing his grandmother Evie before it's revealed that Langdon is standing in the doorway. Langdon had been goading Gallant throughout the episode, so it seems like that murder was one he was trying to provoke.

There are three potential outcomes here: the Rubber Man is Tate and he now works for his son; the Rubber Man is Langdon, who was lying to Gallant; the Rubber Man is some kind of demonic henchman who doesn't have his own identity but only exists to serve Langdon. Or he's Zachary Quinto, who also donned the latex back in Season 1. That would definitely be unexpected.

While any of those theories are plausible within the world of AHS, there isn't really enough evidence to support them. The Rubber Man could be one of those characters, but he could also be someone entirely new. But whoever he turns out to be in Season 8, I'd bet that Michael Langdon is behind his reappearance.