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Who Is Tiffany Hendra's Husband On 'Real Housewives Of Dallas'? He's Got Star Power

by Chrissy Bobic

There's definitely going to be some intrigue when the new cast of the Real Housewives of Dallas premieres. One of the most intriguing Housewives to join is Tiffany Hendra. While there is enough of stuff floating around her past to fill a small library, you might be wondering about Tiffany Hendra's husband on Real Housewives of Dallas. Surprisingly, he is neither an investment banker, nor an oil rigging billionare, as you might expect from the social elite of Dallas. Instead, Aaron Hendra is very much a humanitarian and musician, too. But first, let's just agree that it must be a requirement of being a guitar-wielding Australian musician to have straight blonde hair that makes you think of Keith Urban. I'm not saying all Australians look alike, but I am saying that all Australian musicians are inexplicably equally as appealing.

While Tiffany is the star of the show, who she is married to now is equally as important when it comes to Real Housewives of Dallas, as he is not a barely there figure, nor a mystery provider footing all of her bills. Tiffany Hendra's husband on Real Housewives of Dallas is a husband, yes, and a father, and a figure all on his own. It's not always about the wives, come on.

He's A Musician

Aaron Hendra's debut album 'Octobersong', came out in 2014, making him something of a newbie to the mainstream music scene. But his decidedly rock (but also somehow John Mayer?) sound is pretty amazing.

He (Along With Tiffany) Is A Humanitarian

Along with his wife, Hendra is not above raising money to help others, but is also not afraid to get his hands dirty in the process of actually doing some good. With his interest in the south Sudan orphanage, Angels of East Africa, he has not only visited the orphanage himself, along with Tiffany, but dedicated his song, 'One Man's War' to the cause, promising 100% of the proceeds to Angels of East Africa.

His Original Band Included A Familiar Face

That's right, don't pretend that you don't remember Ben Carey of Lifehouse from all of your early 2000's rock fantasies. And if you need more affirmation, Australian born Carey also worked with the likes of Savage Garden. So yeah, Hendra was gaining his rock beginnings the right way.

He's A Dead Ringer For Keith Urban


I know, I know, but I had to say it. They could be brothers. Let's just pretend they are, for argument's sake, eh?

He Promotes His Wife's Projects

Granted, Hendra is a part of Real Housewives of Dallas too since one of the housewives in question is his wife, but still. Give the guy some brownie points.

He's A Double Threat

To give fans, new and old, an idea of the story behind Hendra's journey to the Aaron Hendra Project, he created this decently long mini-documentary about his beginnings as a songwriter, then band mate, and finally, where he is today as a musician. Not too shabby for being the husband of a member of Real Housewives of Dallas.