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Are Todd Gurley & Olivia Davison Still Together? Fans Want To Know

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, the world has never been so focused on its players, and of course, their personal lives. In the spotlight this year is one of the L.A. Rams' star running backs. Who is Todd Gurley's girlfriend? Though there are mixd reports on the couple's status, they started dating almost five years ago.

It should be said that there is actually no formal confirmation that Gurley and his reported long-time girlfriend, Olivia Davison, are together. Right now, neither appears on the other's social media accounts. Though that's not entirely abnormal when one of both of you is a public figure (especially if the other is a little more under-the-radar) being social media official these days is a pretty big deal.

Regardless of whether or not they are still together, Gurley first met Davison back in 2014, when they were going to school together at the University of Georgia. In the time since Gurley has been building his football career, Davidson has been hard at work on her own business, an online retail store called Liv Lively, PlayerWives.com reported. However, as of the time of writing, the site for the store is inaccessible, meaning it could either be shut down, or under construction. Given that other reports — which I'll will get to momentarily — say she's still running her brick-and-mortar shop, it's impossible to say for sure.

Though there is no media outlet that confirms via Gurley or Davison that their relationship is still going on, Heavy.com reports that there's mounting evidence to suggest the couple has, in fact, split.

The site specifically cited that, despite being seen together at a 2016 launch party for Gears of War 4, it had been "a while" since they were spotted out together in public. The site went on to note that Davison's Instagram profile says she lives in Montana, where she owns the Liv Lively Salon and Boutique.

However, the real eyebrow-raiser was that a few weeks ago, Gurley tweeted asking fans and followers whether or not they had information on Mackenzie Bezos, after her divorce from Amazon bazillionaire Jeff Bezos was announced.

Sure, the post was probably just a joke, but there always remains the possibility that it wasn't, and that Gurley is actually interested in dating other people, perhaps beginning with Bezos herself.

Whether or not he's dating, Gurley is certainly keeping himself busy with, uh, you know, preparing for the Super Bowl, as well as charitable work that means a lot to him.

Right now, Gurley partnered with Pizza Hut for literacy education, NiceKicks.com reported. "Growing up, I was taught that reading and writing were the foundation for my education," he said. "Knowing the importance of literacy programs for kids across the country, I’m teaming up with First Book and my fellow Georgia alumni and Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell, author of 'The Magician's Hat,' for My Cause My Cleats.'"

In addition, the Rams and Pizza Hut partnered to bring kids in from Inglewood to see Gurley read at an event.

Be all of that as it is, it wouldn't be surprising if Gurley simply didn't have time to date right now... but it also wouldn't be shocking if the couple was opting to keep their relationship under wraps. Being in the public eye is stressful, and speculation can often only make things worse. Either way, fans will be cheering for Gurley on Sunday, and hopefully one day he'll share more about his relationship status with us — when the time is right, of course.