Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Vanessa Is No Stranger To Being On TV

Vanessa Grimaldi made an immediate impression on Nick Viall in the first episode of his season as The Bachelor, but since that introduction she hasn't quite had her moment to shine. Both Nick and the audience got to know her a little bit in the premiere, but because there are still so many contestants to cycle through, she momentarily got a little lost in the shuffle in Episode 2. However, something tells me viewers are going to be seeing a lot more of Vanessa as the season goes on, so it's certainly worth asking the question: who is Vanessa from The Bachelor?

Vanessa is a 29-year-old special education teacher from Quebec who quickly impressed Nick will her multilingual skills; she speaks French and Italian in addition to English. In her bio for the show, Vanessa lists her best attributes as her "personality, [her] drive to succeed and work hard, [and her] patience" – all qualities that are sure to come in handy when trying to make it to the finish line on The Bachelor. She also seems sweet, citing "hurting people's feelings" as the thing she's most afraid of – which might not come in handy on The Bachelor, where hurt feelings can be a weekly occurrence.

Vanessa doesn't appear to be super social media savvy, at least when it comes to Twitter; most of her 19 tweets are about how much she doesn't like or doesn't understand the site, and all but one are from several years ago. She's much more active on Instagram, where there are plenty of posts that provide glimpses into her life whether she's hanging out with friends and family, eating pizza, or working out. Vanessa seems to be fairly low-key, though a little digging reveals that The Bachelor isn't her first foray into appearing onscreen.

Vanessa has a few television credits to her name, but the most recent is from 2014 so it seems she has been focused on her teaching career in the last couple of years. She appeared in an episode each of Blue Mountain State, Being Human, and Ascension, mostly playing characters like "girl" or "new stewardess." She also co-hosted a show called Can Your School Rock in 2010 and appeared in GameLoft YouTube videos discussing video games around the same time.

With her looks, smarts, and comfort in front of the camera (not to mention what seems to be a refreshingly calm personality), Vanessa may end up being a perfect fit for Nick. Let's just hope she sticks around long enough to be able to prove it to him.