Nicole Wilder/ABC

Who Killed Wes On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? The Winter Finale Ended On A Cliffhanger

Fans have been waiting all season to know the answer to one question: who is under the sheet? And Thursday night's winter finale episode didn't disappoint and let viewers with what is arguably the biggest twists yet. After thinking he was safe, having seen him working with the D.A. on a deal to turn on Annalise, it turned out that his story hadn't fully played out yet. Wes is dead on How To Get Away With Murder. But make no mistake, this was no accident. According to the coroner's report, he was already dead before the fire. So who killed Wes on How To Get Away With Murder? That seems to be the next Season 3 cliffhanger.

As soon as I saw Nate walk into the house, followed shortly after by Laurel, I knew something wasn't quite going to add up the way I thought it would. I mean, we're talking about a show that prides itself on delivering epic twists, so to make it so blatantly obvious that it was Nate, made me almost certain that it wasn't him after all. That's when it all became clear — the flash forwards viewers were seeing of Wes, happened just before he was told to go to Annalise's house, so the audience simply hadn't watched his side of the story play out the entire way through. And he's definitely dead. The show made sure to make that clear, considering I'll never be able to get the image of his half burnt-off face out of my head.

But that still begs the question of who did this monstrous deed? The obvious answer would be Annalise since she was the one who told him to go to her house in the first place. But she claims she didn't do it and for once on this show, I'm inclined to believe her. She looked absolutely devastated when Wes' body was shown to her under the sheet. I don't care how conniving Annalise has proven to be in the past, you can't fake that kind of devastation.

But if she isn't the culprit then who is? Frank was shown lingering around the house shortly after the incident and he knew that Wes and Laurel were together. Plus, there's a chance he learned that Wes was planning on ratting out Annalise and wanted to protect her. Maybe he thought this would be a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. He's certainly capable of committing this type of crime and I really don't want to imagine it being anyone else. But on this show, you can never know for sure.

Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong and the killer wasn't necessarily after Wes specifically, but rather wanted to frame Annalise for a murder (any murder) and poor Wes was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Annalise is certainly not short of enemies these days. But who would go this far? That's the problem with being on a show called How To Get Away With Murder. You literally cannot fully trust anyone.