Beth Dubber/Netflix

Clay Isn't The Only One Who Knows About Hannah's Tapes

by Zakiya Jamal

(Warning: this post contains spoilers from Episode 2.) Netflix's latest series 13 Reasons Why follows high school student Clay Jensen as he goes through the tapes his former classmate Hannah Baker left for him and 12 others to listen to. Prior to her suicide, Hannah created these tapes to help explain the factors that contributed to her deciding to end her life. But by the time Clay gets a hold of the tapes, it's clear others have listened to them. So who else knows about Hannah's tapes on 13 Reasons Why?

On the first tape, Hannah warns the listener that someone else has a copy of the tapes and that if the people on the tapes don't listen all the way through and pass them on to the next person, this mystery person will publicize them so everyone knows what's on the tapes. It appears early on that this person is none other than Clay's friend, Tony.

Tony obviously knows about the tapes and he knows that Clay has them and what's on them. However, he refuses to tell Clay anything or explain how he's connected to the tapes or even Hannah herself. Instead, Clay is reminded that he just has to listen to the tapes to find out the truth. Along with Tony, there's a group of others who obviously know more about the tapes than they're saying.

Since the first tape is about Hannah's first boyfriend (if you can even call him that), Justin, he obviously has heard the tapes the whole way through already. If everyone followed Hannah's instructions, the tapes have been passed along in the order in which she talks about each person. In that same vain, Hannah's friend Jessica must have also listened to the tapes since she's discussed on Side B of the first tape.

As Clay digs to find more answers about the tapes, he turns to Jessica for answers, but she's insistent that whatever Hannah's saying are lies. However, once Justin stops showing up for school, Clay's not sure what to believe. Things only get stranger when Justin's friends try to convince Clay to go with them to Bryce's house and it seems they know about the tapes as well. Maybe they want to keep him close so that he doesn't take the tapes public?

It seems there are a lot of people at the school who know more about the tapes than they're saying and there's no doubt that the longer Clay listens, the closer he'll get to finding out the truth.