Who Lives On ‘Return To Roanoke’? 'AHS: Roanoke' Just Dropped A Monster Twist On Us

As promised by Ryan Murphy, Episode 6 sure did drop a massive twist on us. After following the Millers and watching the re-enactment of their nightmarish experience unfold for the first five episodes in "My Roanoke Nightmare," "Chapter 6" brought us into an entirely new nightmare – "Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell." But that was only part one of the twist. Part two was all about who lives on "Return to Roanoke" – and the answer is basically nobody.

As if the first "Roanoke Nightmare" wasn't horrific enough (Elias' cannibalism! Cricket's disemboweling!), Cheyenne Jackson's producer character Sidney decided that it made sense to send the Millers straight back into the house from hell for a cash-grab follow-up. To make matters worse, he thought it'd be an even better idea to send the actors who played them (and the assorted Roanoke antagonists) in the dramatic re-enactments back into the house with them.

The selling point of the second season of "Roanoke" was that it would be, essentially, Big Brother: Ghost Edition, with cameras following the group 24/7 as they lived in the house for a period of time. The secondary goal of the show was to uncover the truth about who killed Mason, with Sid intending to prove his theory that Lee had murdered her ex-husband and gotten away with it. Because, obviously, the very best way to suss out a murderer is by locking them in a house with other people and filming them all for a reality show. Sidney, we learn quickly, is not too nice of a dude.

Not only was Sid filming the Millers and the actors in the house – he was filming everything, including himself getting the cast together (using all manner of trickery and manipulation) to appear on the follow-up season. The fact that we were seeing Sid's "behind the scenes" footage in conjunction with the footage of everyone being filmed while living in the Roanoke house was a bit confusing – until the last few moments of the episode, at least.

In the final third of the episode, the biggest twist of all was revealed – that we were actually watching found footage recovered from the production. "Return To Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell" never actually aired on TV. And the reason for that? Because every single person in the house had died during the course of the first three days of filming – except for one.

Naturally, AHS Twitter was prepared with all of the most-apt gif reactions to this startling reveal. The horror anthology series has racked up a high body count in past seasons, but never one THIS extreme.

We're only one episode into this new part of the season, but we can already cross one character off of the "Who survives?" list – Evan Peters' character Rory, who played Edward Mott in the re-enactment.

Ill-fated Rory had just adorably married Sarah Paulson's character Audrey, and as we were settling in to watch those two be cute for the next four episodes, AHS went ahead and killed Peters off yet again within moments of his appearing onscreen as his new character. Rory's death completed the nurse-ghosts MURDER game – that final "R" was for Rory, as it turns out. But why? Why did it have to be him?