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Who Made Arie Smell Her Armpits On 'The Bachelor'? Twitter Was Not Impressed


So we all know how important it is to make a first impression on The Bachelor. The women competing on Arie's season went to great lengths to stand out, including giving him gifts, arriving in flashy cars, and... other things, like asking him to smell various parts of your body. So who made Arie smell her armpits on The Bachelor? Twitter was not impressed, and Arie himself looked a little taken aback by the request. After all, it's definitely not your standard opening line for someone you're hoping to date. At least, I'm definitely not always confident enough in the smell of my own armpits to open with that line.

The woman who chose to lead with her armpit was Ali, the 27-year-old personal stylist from Oklahoma. In her introduction she said that while she was so busy running around getting ready, she needed Arie's help to make sure that she was still smelling fresh. "I'm gonna need you to do a quick smell check for me," she said, raising her arm. Arie obligingly bent his head to sniff her pit, while the women in the house, myself, and everyone across the world all exclaimed something along the lines of, "Oh, girl, why? How is this benefiting you?" At least now we're all talking about her.

Look, maybe I'm old fashioned. But I kind of think that having a man sniff your armpit is more of a second-date kind of thing. Or, you know, maybe six months into the relationship. And it seemed like the other women in the house, as well as on Twitter, were on my side. At the very least, Bibiana definitely was. In a sarcastic impression of a seductive voice, Bibiana said, "Hey babe, you wanna smell my pits? Come here and take a whiff." She added, speaking for all of us, "What are you thinking?" I definitely understand the need to stand out, especially when there are 28 other ladies competing for the same guy. But maybe there are better ways.

After her introduction, Ali didn't play a huge part in any of the other drama that went on for the rest of the night. She did get some one on one time with Arie, during which she said that she could tell that he was genuine when he said that he was looking for true love on this show. I honestly don't know how far this one is going to make it after that embarrassing moment, but I'm starting to feel kind of bad for her. Sure it was a little weird, but at least she doesn't seem to be one of those "not here to make friends," contestants.

For a little potential insight on why Ali opened with this, I would refer you to her bio on the ABC website. When asked what marriage means to her, Ali responded by saying, "Commitment and being your whole, true, imperfect self with someone. You both accept each other – flaws and all!" Actually, thinking about that, the armpit thing doesn't seem quite so absurd after all. I mean, if she's looking for someone who's going to love her body odor and all (aren't all of us?) then what better way than to lead with it, I guess.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, Ali's gamble didn't pay off, and she did not receive a rose after the first night. She's a beautiful woman with a lot of personality though, so I'm sure she won't have any problem getting dates in the future. I would advise her, however, maybe lead with something other than your armpit.

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