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The Kids Totally Steal The Show On ‘Family Reunion’

Family Reunion is the perfect Netflix sitcom to watch when you just want some fun, laughter, and pure entertainment from a show. As in any good family sitcom, the McKellen kids and their antics steal the spotlight on this one. They stage a protest, start some fires, and bring some modern west coast values from Seattle to Georgia. So, I want to know who play the kids on Family Reunion because if their mom on the show Tia Mowry's career is any indication they're going to be forces to reckon with for years to come.

Let's start with ladies first because they play the oldest and youngest McKellen kids on the show and their faces might be the most recognizable to you. Talia Jackson plays oldest daughter Jade on the show. "She is a quick-witted, very lovable person. But she's kind of gotten to be her own person and play by her own rules and all of the sudden moving in with M'Dear [the grandmother on the show played by Loretta Devine] things become a little new to her," Jackson said of her character in an on-set interview with Entertainment Tonight and all of her on-screen siblings. Jade is definitely not scared of a fight. On one episode, she stages a protest against her school's dress code, which won't even let females show their shapes or shoulders.

You may have seen Jackson on a Season 2 episode of Station 19, where she played Zoe. Jackson is an older sister in real life, so the role comes naturally to her. She's quick to offer her younger castmates hugs whenever they need one.

Like when Jordyn Raya James who plays the youngest McKellen kid Ami on the show was gushing about having Mowry play her mom Cocoa on the show. "She's been very helpful for me, she's always done nice things for me," James told ET of Mowry.

James said Ami is "like a small M'Dear except she doesn't like to go to church." You may have seen James in her guest spot as Ella Belfast on Julia Roberts' Amazon Prime show Homecoming or the Facebook Now series Five Points. Otherwise, James has played herself on short series like People Vs. Food — which can provide hours of entertainment, trust me.

John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Isaiah Russell-Bailey and Cameron J. Wright play McKellen brothers Shaka and Mazzi respectively. Bailey has had guest spots on shows like Criminal Minds, S.W.A.T., and Raven's Home. This is his first series regular role in his very young career. Before playing Mazzi, Wright was the singing voice for Crystal in an episode of Sofia The First. That's so impressive it makes me wonder if I hear a singing episode of Family Reunion coming in Season 2.

For now, Wright is focused on playing Mazzi who is "a very curious person." Wright told ET Mazzi loves his family "but me and my brother [on the show] are always getting tangled in some kind of mess."

He's right. Sometimes the McKellen family gets themselves into messy situations. But there is always a lesson to learn in their mistakes. If you want to see for yourselves, stream Family Reunion on Netflix right now.