Erica Parise/Netflix

Cherry From 'GLOW' Tackles The World Of Wrestling

Netflix is taking you back to the '80s with their new female-centric show GLOW. Inspired by the real show of the same name, the new series will follow Ruth (Alison Brie), an out-of-work actress, who ends up auditioning for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (aka GLOW). Ruth becomes one of the female wrestlers and ends up working with and befriending a diverse group of women. Amongst those women is Cherry Bang. So who plays Cherry on GLOW? Sydelle Noel is tackling the complex world of wrestling.

Noel has been working in television and film since the early 2000s, so you may recognize her. She's had roles on Everybody Hates Chris, Private Practice, Lincoln Heights, Bones, and The Night Shift, just to name a few. She's also been in the films Americons, Retake, Captive, Sister, Things Never Said, Expecting, and Good Satan.

Noel's character on GLOW has a different background from Ruth, though that still leads her to join the wrestling league in an important capacity. Deadline describes Cherry as "a professional stunt woman whose career peaked in the Blaxploitation heyday, now looking for a chance to do more than double." During the early 1970s, there were a plethora of black action films that were aimed at black audiences and these became known as Blaxploitation. Though the term is a combination of "black" and "exploitation," many view this era of black film as a good one, though there are others who disagree. It'll be interesting to see how Cherry's involvement in it will come up in the show and impact her viewpoints and involvement with GLOW.

Based on the trailer alone, it's clear that race will be a topic addressed early on. In one scene, the women are asked to play up stereotypes and it gets awkward fast. "You're an Arab... you're a big black girl," the man says. Yikes! However, just like Netflix's other female-led drama Orange Is the New Black, the intersectionality of the show will probably be well done and executed in a way that's both funny and eye-opening.

The show also has an incredibly diverse cast. Starring alongside Noel and Brie are Ellen Wong, Britt Baron, Sunita Mani, Kia Stevens, and so many others. GLOW includes women from all different backgrounds and all different shapes, sizes, and races, which is a homage to the original series. Whether or not you're interested in wrestling, you'll definitely want to check this show out.

GLOW begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, June 23.