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This Leading Lady On 'A Discovery Of Witches' Will Cast A Spell On You

Your new fantasy TV obsession revolves around a witch professor and a vampire and it's glorious. The UK network, Sky One, debuted A Discovery of Witches — based on the first book in bestselling trilogy by Deborah Harkness — and has since picked up two more seasons to carry out the stories left in the remaining two books. The heritage-denying witch-turned professor, Diana is an interesting mix of historian and sorceress, and her character anchors the show. But who plays Diana on A Discovery of Witches?

Adelaide, South Australia native Teresa Palmer plays professor Diana Bishop on the fantastical drama series, though you may have seen her in one of her other projects such as Hacksaw Ridge, Lights Out, I Am Number Four, and December Boys opposite Daniel Radcliffe (to name a few). According to her IMBD bio, Palmer is an only child who landed her first role on the spot while working in an outlet mall. That film, 2:37, follows the lives of six students through a day that ends in suicide. It was created by first-time writer, director, and producer Murali K. Thalluri, and competed in the '06 Cannes Film Festival in "Un Certain Regard."

Though her resume includes a long list of credits alongside the likes of Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Adam Sandler, you won't see the role she landed as DC Comics villain, Talia al Ghul, in Justice League of America, because it was cancelled by Warner Bros during the '07-'08 writer's strike. That doesn't seem to have stopped her. If anything, it may have been a good thing because sooner after, she landed bigger roles in films like The Sorcerer's Apprentice where she was the romantic lead, and I Am Number Four where she played Number Six.

Acting career aside, if you want to get into the more intimate parts of Palmer's life, it's time to head to Instagram, where she often posts her husband, actor, director, Mark Webber, and their children (and yes, they're all beautiful).

If you hang around her Insta feed long enough, you'll see a lot of pregnancy glow pictures, which I am here for for, and snuggles with her babies — which I am also here for. You'll also see her speak of her latest venture, with friend, Christiane Duigan, called Lovewell. According to the bio, Lovewell "provides essential plant based wellness products to nourish you and your busy families." It launches in May and, as captioned in an Instagram picture features "nutirent-dense, 100 percent plant-based, protein-packed, nutritional supplements for you and your families."

She's a busy woman, but it doesn't look like she's stopping anytime soon. With her "dream" role as Diana in A Discovery of Witches, Palmer, feels the responsibility of holding a leading role like this. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Palmer said she felt connected with Diana in a lot of ways and had to snag the role, somehow — going as far as meditating in the bathroom before the audition in hops of conjuring the character of Diana. "I love that she’s finding growth and she’s learning more about herself,” she said. "When I first met her, I was rooting for her to lean into her magic…And she does that. She takes her own journey and her own time to get to that place. Through the help of Matthew and the situation she finds herself in, she has no other option but to dive deeper into who she truly is. I found that really inspiring."

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Palmer is still counting her blessings for A Discovery of Witches, adding in that same EW interview, "To have such a strong female center of the story is something I’ve really been waiting to do. And I’m really honored that I was chosen to bring her to life."