Sarah Shatz

If You've Got A Bomb BFF You're Going To Love The Cast Of 'Someone Great'

I'm pretty sure if you haven't heard of Netflix's latest, greatest rom-com, Someone Great, you and I aren't friends. Regardless, the flick promises to give you and your besties a reason to get together for a laugh while rooting for the movie's female-focused friendships. Gina Rodriguez leads the cast as Jenny alongside BFFs Erin and Blair for one last epic New York City night. With Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow as Blair, who plays Erin on Someone Great?

DeWanda Wise plays best friend Erin who's there for her Jenny after she and her boyfriend of nine years breakup and Jenny prepares for a big move to the other side of the country. You may recognize Wise as Nola Darling from the Netflix adaption of Spike Lee's '86 film, She's Gotta Have It, which explores the story of one woman and her three lovers. Wise has been in various roles since '06 and some of her most notable include Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, The Twilight Zone, Shots Fired, and Underground, to name a few. Not only can Wise act, but according to her IMBD page, she "graduated with honors with a dual degree in Drama and Urban Social and Cultural Analysis with a minor in Community-based Theater and Performance, is a Tisch Scholar Award recipient, the Atlantic Achievement in Studio Award recipient, and the BFA Representative of her graduating class of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts." Basically, she slays all day, everyday.

If Wise's name is starting to ring a bell, it may be due to her previous attachment to the MCU superhero franchise. Deadline reported that though Wise had been originally cast in Captain Marvel, scheduling commitments forced her to drop out. Huge bummer, but Wise continues picking up the roles without missing a beat. In Someone Great, Erin plays a part in helping Jenny recover from the devastating breakup with a wild night in the big city. Someone Great isn't your typical rom-com where the main character ends up in a new relationship or tries to win back her ex. The directorial debut by MTV's Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson highlights the beauty of female friendship and how soul-mending they can be during the most challenging of times.

Someone Great is the perfect example of the importance of strong female friendships in both life and career. Wise's costar and real-life best friend, Rodriguez — also a producer of the movie —spoke to Elle about working on Someone Great, where she talked about her choice to cast Wise saying, "We went to NYU together. We’ve known each other since we were 17." Meaning these real life friends were able to help each other out career-wise IRL too.

Now that you know who you're three leading ladies are, I suggest you clear your calendar, gather your closest gal pals, and watch Someone Great ASAP. Did I mention the creator of Bridesmaids, Paul Feig, is among this flick's list of awesomeness? Yeah, so prepare to laugh you butt off while celebrating sisterhood in ways most movies simply don't do enough.

I don't know how many other reasons I can give that illustrate how necessary Someone Great is — especially with such an amazing cast. Wise may have passed on Captain Marvel, but the silver lining is that you can now appreciate her in an epic display of female friendship alongside some of the best in the biz.