Scott Everett White/The CW

Jane's New Crush On 'JTV' Has Been On TV Before

Jane the Virgin is finally back! When the show left off, Jane was just starting to feel ready to start dating again. Although her first try at it didn't end so well, when Rogelio's new co-star Fabian walked in, it was clear that her attraction to him was instantaneous. So who plays Fabian on Jane the Virgin? Francisco San Martin is Jane's new (and super attractive) crush.

If you're a fan of Days of Our Lives, you'll probably recognize San Martin. He appeared in almost 200 episodes of the show as Dario Hernandez, according to IMDB. He also appeared in the TV movie Behind the Candelabra and the short film A Love Story. Jane the Virgin is his first role on a primetime TV show and based on the promo, it looks like he may be sticking around for a while.

Though Rogelio clearly wasn't happy about his new co-star and how incredible attractive he was, Jane definitely felt the exact opposite. In the preview for the next episode, it's clear her feelings for Fabian aren't one-sided. The two seem to have a nice flirtation going on thus far and it looks like Fabian may just be the guy to help her move on after the loss of Michal (RIP).

However, there is one problem. Rogelio is clearly not OK with this budding romance. In the promo, he gets upset with Jane for only visiting the set of his show to see Fabian and he forbids her from continuing to do so. Naturally, Fabian overhears this, making the situation even more awkward.

Even with Rogelio's reservations, Jane will most likely still end up dating Fabian. She's an adult and is allowed to make her own decisions and date whoever she wants, no matter how her father feels about it. Plus, Fabian seems like a pretty decent guy.

The real question is, will Jane and Fabian last? After having such a great love with Michael is she really ready to find that again with Fabian or is he just a hot fling that'll help her get back into the swing of dating but won't be around long-term? Right now, it's hard to say for sure, but Fabian just doesn't seem like a long-term relationship type of guy. At least, not in the two minutes he's appeared on the show thus far.

Not to mention that the narrator cryptically hinted at a past love of Jane's, stating: "we'll get to that later," which obviously means someone from Jane's past is about to come back into her life. It seems much more likely that guy is her next great love. Even so, Fabian is just so great to look at, so here's hoping he at least sticks around for a little while.