Beth Dubber/Netflix

Viewers Will Love Jeff On '13 Reasons Why'

by Zakiya Jamal

(Warning: minor spoilers from Episode 10 ahead!) Netflix's newest series 13 Reasons Why follows the mystery of what led Hannah Baker to end her life. However, Hannah's death isn't the only one that happens in the series. Another high school student also dies prior to the show's start and that's Hannah's classmate Jeff. So who plays Jeff on 13 Reasons Why? Bloodline actor Brandon Larracuente takes on the role of the nice jock.

If you're paying close attention during the show, you may have noticed that Jeff only appears in the flashbacks, never in the present day. The series also hinted at Jeff's death early on when the principal was talking to Mr. Porter about how they now have to deal with the death of two students. Still, even if you read the bestselling novel by Jay Asher which the show is based on, Jeff's death may have taken you by surprise, mainly because he wasn't named in the novel and it happens a bit differently in the book.

On the show, Jeff was a popular athlete who Clay Jensen tutored throughout the school year. Although they didn't really hang out outside of school much, they were still pretty close. During the flashbacks, Jeff was seen giving Clay tips on how to talk to Hannah who he clearly had a crush on, and it's clear Jeff was an all-around good guy.

Unfortunately, his life came to an end after what appeared to be a drunk driving accident. Jeff left a party to get more drinks and ended up in a car accident with another driver. While the other driver survived, Jeff did not. Because Jeff was getting the "provisions" for the party, he had multiple beer bottles in the car, which is why the police just assumed he was drunk. However, on Hannah's tape, she provides the real story and another possibility for what could've caused the accident.

Earlier that night, Sheri (known as Jenny in the novel), offered Hannah a ride home. But on the way, Sheri got distracted and drove into a stop sign, knocking it down. Though Hannah wanted to stop and call the police, Sheri disagreed and made Hannah get out of the car, leaving her behind. Hannah called the police once she found a phone, but by then it was too late; Jeff's accident already happened at the exact same intersection. Was it because he had been drinking or because the stop sign wasn't there? There's no way to know for sure, but the latter is definitely a possibility.

In the present, Sheri still didn't want to tell the truth, but Clay decided to tell Jeff's parents anyway, and just left Sheri's name out of it. While it could be said that Sheri made a simple mistake without knowing what was going to come from it, the fact remains her one choice seriously impacted not only Jeff's life, but Hannah's as well, which is why she ends up on one of the tapes.