Erica Parise/Netflix

Justine From 'GLOW' Is An Experienced Performer

In a show about female wrestling entertainers full of relatively new — but partly recognizable — faces, so many of the actresses on GLOW seem so appreciative of the big break some of them have gotten when cast in the Jenji Kohan-produced Netflix series. And since many of us are all wondering about literally everyone on the show, who plays Justine on GLOW? Britt Baron is actually already an experienced performer.

The actress has only been acting on TV since 2014, but before that she also worked with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago for a short time. Now, however, it looks like she might have been given one of her biggest roles yet as a series regular on GLOW. Justine is the anarchist of the bunch, who is down with the establishment, but in real life, Baron seems grateful for the role and totally humbled more than anything. On her Instagram, she’s written a lot about how excited she is for the new series and under a photo of herself with singer and co-star Kate Nash, Baron wrote, "I grew up listening to @katenash music. Now I get to sit on her shoulders and choke her out. Dreams I didn't even know I had coming trueee."

Besides being cast as Justine on GLOW though, she has a recurring role on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and appeared on Grey’s Anatomy this past season. But judging from her IMDB page, it seems like playing Justine is her biggest role yet.

Baron also cares about the important things in life. Like donuts, Disneyland, and women’s rights. OK, so they aren’t all on the same level of importance, but Baron knows what’s up and stands firmly behind her beliefs, which is admirable.

Although Baron seems like she was kind of made for her role on GLOW, she was acting on-stage as recently as 2015 in the stage production of East of Eden with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Before that, she appeared in Grand Concourse at the same theater. And this was all while she was working on getting TV roles, so she obviously doesn’t find it too difficult to switch quickly from the stage to the screen.

According to her bio on the Steppenwolf website, before Barson broke onto the acting scene in the professional world, she went to the University of Michigan where she earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in performance and a Bachelor's of Arts in communications.

Even though she clearly has a strong theater background, right now it’s all about her role on GLOW and how legitimately excited she is to be part of the ensemble cast of women. But can you really blame her?