A New Breakout Has Emerged On 'Stranger Things' Season 2

When you started Stranger Things Season 2, you may have been worried you were watching the wrong show. That's because the episode began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and not Hawkins, Indiana. However, it quickly became clear what was going on when one character, Kali, put her abilities to use. So who plays Kali on Stranger Things? Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen takes on a pivotal character this season. Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 7!

Prior to landing her role on Stranger Things, Berthelsen appeared in the Danish TV shows Exitium and The Desert. Stranger Things is her first American TV show, but it probably won't be her last. From the very beginning it was clear Kali was a force to be reckoned with. When the season began, fans saw her help her crew escape the police by making the officers believe a tunnel had collapsed in front of them. However, as the season continued, fans learned more about who Kali was and where she came from.

When Eleven connected with her mother, she discovered that there was another girl trapped in Hawkins Lab with her as a child: Kali. The young girl had gone missing when she was little and in the visions her mother showed her, Eleven saw that the two used to play together in what was called "the rainbow room." Using a newspaper clipping of Kali's picture, Eleven was able to find her in Illinois. When the two meet, they showed each other their tattoos and just like Eleven was marked with 011, Kali was marked with 008. It was clear right away that Kali's difficult life has somewhat hardened her, however, the actress herself seems extremely happy.

Although there isn't much known about her (yet!), based on her Instagram it's clear she's a lover of food and art. The photos she takes of her food will make you hungry and her art pics will make you want to visit a museum ASAP. Like most of us, she's also a bit obsessed with coffee, but she also favors tea.

Additionally, Berthelsen is a big fan of notebooks and loves to check out bookstores wherever she goes — and she goes a lot of places. Although she's originally from Denmark, she currently lives in London and based on her social media, she's visited New York City, Venice, Hawaii, and, of course, Los Angeles, for work. Clearly she's having a blast traveling the world, and no doubt this is just the beginning of her travels as her world is about to get even bigger once fans fall in love with her while watching the second season of Stranger Things.

Although Kali and Eleven were separated at the end of the episode when Eleven decided to return to Hawkins to help her friends, this probably won't be the last fans see of this new character. Eleven's mother told her about Kali for a reason and it seems doubtful Eleven got all the answers her mother wanted her to find. Hopefully, we'll see Kali again in the future ,but for now you should keep a look out for Berthelsen.

While she doesn't have any upcoming projects listed yet, I wouldn't be surprised if you started to see her more and more on the small screen and possibly on the big screen as well. This is just the beginning for Berthelsen and when she becomes a big star, you can say you're already a fan.

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