Nick Can't Be Trusted On 'No Good Nick'

No Good Nick seems like a typical sitcom at first glance: it follows a happy family who accept a new kid into their home, a young girl named Nick who they believe to be a distant relative. Usually, shenanigans would ensue at this point. However, Nick is hiding something that takes this story from light humor to intriguing mystery. But who plays Nick in No Good Nick? She's a character with secrets, so an actress being able to capture the many facets of her persona is important.

Young actress Siena Agudong stars as Nick, joining a cast that includes Melissa Joan Hart as mom Liz Thompson, Sean Astin as her husband Ed, and Lauren Lindsey Donzis and Kalama Epstein as their kids Molly and Jeremy. You'll have to wait until the show premieres on Netflix on Apr. 15 to find out what Nick is hiding, but it's a little easier to get to know Agudong.

She already has a fairly impressive filmography despite being only 14 years old. Her acting debut was in the 2013 film Second Chance, which she followed up with a six-episode arc on the show Killer Women. She appeared in one more movie, 2018's Alex & Me, but she's mostly worked in television. She appeared in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn, Star Falls, Teachers, and Sydney to the Max.

Agudong has a YouTube Channel where she uploads videos about herself, including performances, acting exercises, and clips from her past work. In a Q & A video, she shared some insight into her everyday life. She was enjoying the first three weeks of high school (though she suspected it might take a turn for the worse); she loved mangoes and pickles. She was an animal fan and described herself as "quirky." She seems like a pretty typical kid, though she has some very ambitious goals for the next few years.

In her video, Agudong said that she would love to work in movies in the next five years. Specifically, she'd like to be in an action movie where she could do her own stunts. She even listed possible co-stars she would love to work with: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tom Hanks, and Melissa McCarthy. If No Good Nick is a success, who knows? She may be able to make those dreams come true.

Agudong takes center stage in the trailer for No Good Nick, narrating Nick's ominous intentions directly to camera. While she cuts up a family photo of her oblivious targets, she explains that no one ever sees the perfect con coming. Other characters interject in the form of pop-up bubbles: Jeremy thinks there's something very off about Nick, while Ed immediately accepts her as family. Molly is ready to be besties with Nick despite her murky origins.

By the time Nick is done with her arts-and-crafts project, she's pasted a cut-out of herself directly into the family picture. It's clear she's going to be altering her personality so that she can successfully infiltrate the Thompsons, but Nick's motivations will remain a mystery until the show premieres.