Baby Pamela Is An Adorable Addition To The 'Fuller House' Gang

In the season finale of Fuller House Season 2, fans were introduced to baby Pamela Katsopolis, the latest addition to the gang. Becky revealed partway through the season that she had been longing to have another baby, now that the twins were grown and had out of the house. Jesse was resistant at first, but eventually gave in and the pair adopted little Pam, named after Danny Tanner's late wife and the girls' mom. So who plays Baby Pamela on Fuller House Season 3? Twins Madilynn and McKenzie Jefferson tackle the role together, just like a certain character of the past.

Of course, D.J.'s youngest son, baby Max, also mimics the Olsen twins' co-starring role as baby (and later, not-so-baby) Michelle Tanner. So the show has a long history of employing adorable twin babies to steal scenes. And while Pamela was super tiny in the Season 2 finale, she's old enough to talk now, which probably means a signature catchphrase is just around the corner for her character. (For the excellent job the reboot does with its throwback lines, it's hard not to miss Michelle's "You got it, dude!") Is it possible that John Stamos is grooming his young co-star for a catchphrase in this Instagram video he posted of her playing with Snapchat filters on his phone? On this show, you never know!

"My new baby on Fuller House is SO CUTE! Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis," he captioned the clip. Whether she's working on a catchphrase or not, this behind the scenes scoop confirms that she'll be popping up throughout the season. Madilynn and McKenzie Jefferson are actually so new to acting, the twins don't even have an IMDB page yet! So it would be safe to assume that Fuller House is their first big break.

And while the core cast revolves around D.J. and her kids, Jackson, Max, and Tommy, plus Kimmy and her family, Ramona and Fernando, we'll probably only see Pamela in those very special episodes where the whole extended family gets together. Like the first two seasons of Fuller House, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, and Lori Loughlin will only have guest roles on Season 3, rather than series regular credits like Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber. So viewers will likely only get to see Pamela in episodes that her on-screen parents are actually in.

The good news is, Fuller House got a super-sized pickup for Season 3: whereas the first two seasons topped out at 13 episodes each, Season 3 will get a whopping 18 episodes. The trade-off? We'll only get nine episodes at a time. The first nine dropped on Sept. 22, a date with very special significance to the show. It's the 30-year anniversary of Full House's series premiere on ABC back in 1987 — a fact the trailer for Season 3 references heavily.

We don't yet know when the second half of the season will drop, but it looks like Season 3 opens with the gang getting back together under one, now-very-expensive San Francisco townhouse roof for the 30-year anniversary of "the day we became a family." (I'm not crying, you're crying!) Bure also teased that this season will be all about "summer fun," and it looks like a good deal of that fun revolves around planning Steve's wedding to D.J.'s doppelgänger C.J.

D.J. has allegedly made peace with the whole thing, now that she's happily paired off with her vet co-worker Matt, and she's even set to be a bridesmaid in Steve's wedding. But in the trailer, Kimmy voices displeasure that Steve and D.J. never made it work in a way that makes me think D.J. might have one last wistful moment about him.

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