Steve Makes A New Friend On 'Stranger Things'

The real star of Stranger Things Season 3 might be the Starcourt Mall, where reformed popular jerk Steve will seek work for the summer. He'll be joined behind the counter of Scoops Ahoy by Robin, who seems to be unimpressed by his mad skillz with kids in the trailer. Robin is something of a cypher before the season's Jul. 4 premiere, but the actress playing her doesn't have to be. So who plays Robin on Stranger Things?

Maya Hawke will be donning the sailor uniform required by Starcourt Mall's nautical creamery, and her last name may have already tipped you off about who she is. Hawke is the daughter of movie stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, which gives her a pretty impressive acting pedigree. She doesn't have many credits to her name yet (she is only 20 years old), but it looks like her schedule might be packed for the foreseeable future. Hawke made her professional acting debut in the 2017 Little Women mini-series, where she played Jo March. She followed that up with roles in Ladyworld and Once Up A Time...In Hollywood.

According to IMDB, she has several projects in post-production, including the shorts Memory Xperiment: Kathy Acker and As They Slept, as well as the features Mainstream and Human Capital.

Mainstream comes from filmmaker Gia Coppola and stars Andrew Garfield, Nat Wolff, and Jason Schwartzman alongside Hawke. Variety reported that it was an "eccentric love triangle and cautionary tale" centered around the "fast-moving internet age." Human Capital, meanwhile, is an adaptation of Stephen Amidon's 2005 novel of the same name. It will star Liev Schreiber and Alex Wolff, and follow two families whose lives intertwine when their kids start dating. Unfortunately, a "tragic accident" soon complicates things.

Acting was a natural fit for Hawke, according to an interview she did with Women's Wear Daily. Not only did she grow up with parents who were in the profession, she took part in school plays and summer acting camps. Still, she explained that she "resisted it a little bit" as a career, until she realized that acting "made [her] the most happy and that it was what [she] was best at." She attended Juilliard for a year, but left to pursue the starring role in Little Women. It seems like she hasn't stopped getting work since.

She's also received praise from her co-workers. Coppola told WWD that Hawke was "an incredibly smart, fearless, strong young woman." She didn't doubt that Hawke would go on to be a major star, adding that she "just got lucky with the right time" to work with her.

Stranger Things fans won't find out more about Robin until Season 3 premieres, but trailers have already hinted at her dry sarcasm. She may get roped into the ongoing battle against the dark forces in Hawkins, but it doesn't seem like she'll be thrilled about it. Then again, I'm not sure anyone would willingly sign themselves up to fight drool-dripping alternate universe monsters. I'd rather stick to the Scoops Ahoy counter, personally.