David Giesbrecht/Netflix

'Jessica Jones' Introduces A Brand New Threat In Season 3

When Jessica Jones Season 3 premieres on Netflix on Jun. 14, Jessica will have a new foe to face — one who's a little different than the villains she's had to dispatch in the past. Gregory Salinger is a serial killer, but he doesn't have superpowers. And his face might be very familiar to Netflix aficionados, leading viewers to wonder: who plays Salinger on Jessica Jones Season 3?

Salinger is played by Jeremy Bobb, most recently of Russian Doll fame. He was the obnoxious guy who Natasha Lyonne's Nadia hooked up with in the first episode, later revealed to be the same man who was having an affair with Alan's (Charlie Barnett) girlfriend. But Bobb's credits extend far beyond Netflix originals. Audience members might have also seen him in an episode or two of Law & Order (original and Special Victims). He had recurring roles on Hostages, House of Cards, and The Knick. He popped up in Gotham and The Good Wife, as well as Elementary. Most recently, Bobb appeared in Godless, Mosaic, and Escape at Dannemora. Next, per IMDB, he'll appear in The Son, The Kitchen, and The Outsider.

While Bobb has been in several movies, it seems like TV is where he's really carved out his niche.

Acting was a passion of Bobb's from early on, as he told Collider. He started getting involved in theater when he was in high school and quickly discovered that it was something he really enjoyed. He continued to study theater in college before moving to New York to take to the stage professionally. Years of steady work led to roles in film and TV.

When asked for the key to his longevity in the entertainment industry, Bobb said that a really big part of it was "trying to hang on to what you really think matters about this and what you love about it from the beginning." That meant making the most of every opportunity and always trying to do something new, but also being kind to the people you worked with.

Salinger is definitely a new kind of threat for Jessica Jones. In the first two seasons, she had to contend with ultra-powerful people from her past. Salinger, meanwhile, is a normal guy who has developed a twisted sense of what he considers justice. He's engaging in illegal dealings, but believes himself to be justified. Bobb told Marvel.com that he was drawn to the many different sides of Salinger, and the fact that he could shape the character to reflect that.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg explained that Salinger was a "half-formed" character until Bobb came into the picture. Since it took him a few episode to show up, they had time to work on the character's voice and movements. "That was an absolute collaboration with Jeremy," Rosenberg said. She described Salinger as a "very twisted" man who was angry that Jessica received her powers without working for them. It seems like Salinger will be a far cry from Bobb's smarmy Mike on Russian Doll.