Beth Dubber/Netflix

Tony From '13 Reasons Why' Has Appeared On TV Before

The Selena Gomez-produced mystery thriller 13 Reasons Why follows high school student Clay Jensen as he listens to the cassette tapes his former classmate Hannah Baker left behind before she ended her life. The tapes explain the 13 reasons why Hannah committed suicide. Each person discussed on the tapes has listened to them and passed them along. Now, it's Clay's turn. The show also follows Clay and Hannah's classmates who include popular cheerleader Jessica, jocks Justin and Zach, and Clay's close friend Tony. So who plays Tony on 13 Reasons Why? Christian Navarro plays the mysterious teen.

Although his part on 13 Reasons Why is his first major role in a TV show, viewers may still recognize him from his smaller roles on other popular dramas. In the past, he's appeared on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Blue Bloods, The Affair, Rosewood, and The Tick. He also had a recurring role on HBO's hit drama Vinyl and appeared in the film Bushwick. After 13 Reasons Why, he's set to appear in the film Can You Ever Forgive Me?, which is due out next year, so his popularity only continues to grow and grow as time goes on.

As far as his personal life goes, he's unfortunately off the market. He's been dating his girlfriend Shaz for over a year, according to POPSUGAR.

Navarro's character Tony has an interesting role on the show. Though he's friends with Clay, there appears to be more to Tony than just that. As Clay begins listening to the tapes, he realizes there's a lot of secrets about his school and his classmates he didn't know, leading him to question everything and everyone. Did Tony have something to do with Hannah's decision to kill herself? Is he also on the tapes? What are his secrets? What are Clay's? Viewers will just have to watch to discover what, or rather who, really caused Hannah to end her life.

The show, which is based on the bestselling novel by Jay Asher, also stars Katherine Langford as Hannah, Scandal star Dylan Minnette as Clay, Private Practice star Kate Walsh as Hannah's mom, Parenthood star Miles Heizer, and many more. It's clear the show has a great cast and the plot is incredibly gripping. Just like with most Netflix shows, viewers will be instantly hooked and there's no doubt they'll end up watching the series within the course of one weekend. It's that good.

You can watch 13 Reasons Why when it premieres on Netflix on Friday, March 31.